Book of Demons Early Access

Book of Demons Leaves Early Access and Impresses Players

It has been around two years since the Book of Demons entered the Early Access phase. During that period, the game had an impressive amount of positive reviews. In fact, more than 90% of the posted opinions were positive, which means that over 2,000 players were thrilled with the game’s combination of hack-and-slash and deck building.

The developers may have used Diablo as their inspiration to create Paperverse, the in-game world where you get to fight all sorts of monsters. Thing Trunk, the team behind the game, included over 70 monster types and all the dungeons are procedurally generated. Cards represent all skills, spells, and weapons you have at your disposal.

There is still a need to click on baddies to perform an attack, but it is the strength of your deck and how you can handle various situations what decides the outcome. There are specific lanes where you move, which means that most of your focus can be on choosing the right cards. Naturally, there are options to improve your cards as you play.

An Innovative Addition to a Game

Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the addition of Flexiscope. According to the developers, this system will affect the duration of quests. In essence, it works like this – each time you begin a new campaign, you can tell Book of Demons your desired duration of each play session. Based on that, the game will modify the enemies and the in-game world. What is the most interesting, however, is that the title will also learn based on your details and style of play, which means that you will get an improved version for each next session.

This feature has received plenty of praise from the community. It is worth noting that you can complete the campaign in about 10 hours if you use a single class. Book of Demons also makes extra missions available so that you can maximize the stats of your character. There is a special roguelike mode that limits healing and includes permadeath.

The game is now officially out of early access and you can buy it for $20 on GOG or Steam. If you want to know more details about the game, we suggest checking out this article.

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