The Blue Zone in PUBG Has Just Become More Lethal

PUBG Blue Zone

The popularity of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds doesn’t seem to fade over time. While the Xbox One owners are looking forward to being the first ones that will try the console version, PC gamers have been enjoying PUBG for months. But that doesn’t mean that the developers are letting themselves not work on further improving the game. In fact, they prepared a major update that will increase focus on close-range combat.

According to the official Steam announcement from Bluehole Studios, PUBG increased how dangerous the blue zone gets the longer you stay in it. The idea behind this update was to motivate players to stay within the play zone, especially during the later phases of a match. This may make things easier for newcomers, as most of the veterans used to camp inside the blue zones in order to snipe other players.

How Does the Deadlier Blue Zone Update Work?

The most significant change of the new patch is that damage increases with the time you spend in the blue zone. Your health is also more affected the farther you are from the playing area. The vital thing to emphasize is that the first blue region is not influenced by this update. As the developers stated, that would be unfair to players that are randomly dropped outside of the playing area because it would compromise their in-game health.

The fact that the outside zone has become more lethal should be a considerate game-changer for PUBG. The players that have been avoiding being in the play zone, particularly during the closing stages of a session, will now be forced to get into the playing field, which would increase the amount of close combat happening.

Earlier this week, the patch was published to test servers so that a part of the community would try out the new changes. After the testers have given positive feedback, Bluehole Studios decided to make the update available for everyone. The latest patch also fixed the issue where the bullets that hit you occasionally ignore the fact that you are wearing armor.

The latest patch is the last one for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since the developers are preparing to release the 1.0 version. In the meantime, those who are playing at test serves can expect more updates as Bluehole tries to discover some new improvements to implement into the game. And although the update is good, it is not going to have any impact on the players who use cheats in PUBG.

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