Five Biggest Highlights of Blizzcon 2018 Opening

Blizzcon 2018

It is that special time of the year again – BlizzCon 2018 is finally here! And it kicked off with plenty of fireworks, too, considering that we received some exciting announcements from Blizzard. It has become a tradition that the studio opens the event with a band so that the visitors can have an insight into what they could be expecting in the coming days.

We singled out five things that we believe were the highlights of the BlizzCon 2018 so fat.

Ashe Is Joining the Cast of Overwatch

We are starting slowly so that your heart rate doesn’t go up too rapidly. If you are a fan of Overwatch, you will be glad to know that McCree has finally met his match. The name of the new girl character is Ashe and she is at the head of the Deadlock gang. Ashe will have higher mobility than McCree and carry a repeater rifle and a pack of dynamite.

As if that is not enough, she will be accompanied by B.O.B, a weird robot with murderous intentions. Check out the trailer below to see how Blizzard announced the arrival of Ashe to Overwatch. We warn you, it’s pretty cool!

Warcraft III: Reforged Is in Development

Now, if you haven’t played the original Warcraft III, you can’t really be considered a strategy fan. It is a game that redefined the RTS genre and generated an incredible fan base. Sixteen years after the original release, Blizzard designed that it is the right time for a remastered version.

As we are used to with games like these, you can expect the familiar gameplay concept supported by improved visuals and systems. One thing that the developers will look to enhance is competitive online gaming. You can expect an entirely new ladder system and a completely revamped map editor. Warcraft III: Reforged is set to release at some point during 2019.

Diablo Is Getting Its Mobile Version

Let’s move to another classic developed by Blizzard – Diablo. Many fans were looking forward to the studio announcing a sequel and they did just that at Blizzcon. Unfortunately, that was met with mixed reviews since the brand new game they announced is being developed for portable devices.

The reaction of the fans is understandable since we know that mobile games have their limitations, but nobody can deny that the new Diablo looks impressive. According to the announcements, it is set somewhere between the second and third installment of the franchise and it has the goal of filling some blanks and telling more about the events that led to the events in Diablo 3.

The game will feature six classes, just like D3, but they will have some new spells. It is interesting to note that even Blizzard wasn’t trying to focus too much attention on the new Diablo, but they gave their best for the game to receive the best possible presentation at Blizzcon.

World of Warcraft Is Going Back to Its Roots

We counted and it has been almost 15 years (14, to be exact) since the World of Warcraft story started. Battle of Azeroth is the latest in a long line of expansions, but Blizzard focused on something else during their annual event. According to the studio, they are working on World of Warcraft: Classic.

The goal of this version is to reset things and return to the franchise to where it began. Technically, it will return it to version 1.12, which was the latest update to the base edition of the game. The hardcore fans are the ones looking forward to this release, which should probably hit the digital shelves pretty soon.

Another piece of important information related to WoW: Classic is that your subscription will be valid for the Classic version, too. Also, if you purchased a Virtual Ticket at BlizzCon, you will be able to play the demo before the full version release.

Trolls Are Coming to Hearthstone

Rastakhan Rumble is the name of the latest expansion to Hearthstone. If you are familiar with the WoW lore that should be enough to tell you that trolls are in the focus of this add-on. We are looking forward to the storyline of the expansion as it seems that the plot is in line with the actual WoW lore.

The official release date of the expansion is set at December 4, 2018. Yes, there will be plenty of new cards, but we still do not know in-depth information about them. The good news is that we won’t have to be patient for long since the release is scheduled in a month.

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