In the wake of a disappointing release, Blizzard finds itself in the naughty corner. Warcraft 3 Reforged is a disaster. One that can’t be cleaned by any amount of gaming bleach. So the big question is, what is keeping the company still active in the wake of such travesty? The subreddit is on fire, and is being bombarded with refunds and questions daily. Blizzard should be 10 feet underground, and yet is still kicking. The question is, why? Let’s find out.

Established By Past

One thing that Blizzard is still keeping together is its established games. Heroes of the Storm, while not the first original MOBA, is still going strong. With a well-established eSports promotion and contribution, HoTS is updated regularly. It goes out of its way to appeal to the community. Adding familiar heroes from different game series, all positively received by players. Then there is Heartstone, which gets expansions to this day, and has a large player count, be that PC or mobile phone players. And much like HoTS, has its own tournament and established teams that still consume the card game rather than other AAA titles Blizzard pushes out.


And then there is World of Warcraft. While not innovative in any prominent way, WoW Classic gave players a nostalgia trip they craved for a long time. It was a big thing way back in 2004, and with expansions over the year got only better. More comprehensive, by the time the Wrath of the Lich King released, the number of players went so high, they were hard to count. And with Classic, the same market got a taste of all that nostalgia, once again. Being the first popular MMO in and of itself is enough to keep the company on life support. However, those with pure eyes can see through this re-release and know that it’s nothing more than a cash grab. But they can’t deny that Blizzard’s true-life support comes from their last IP.

Overwatch’s Success

Overwatch is a big thing. A complex eSports scene, constant updates, rebalances, events, and finally, an announced sequel. From the moment it was declared, the entire gaming world went on a suicide watch, awaiting this new addition. And when it came out, it set up everything in a matter of seconds. Even the seasoned players, sick of the company’s politics, admit that Overwatch is where Blizzard became the most popular. Though it did garner polarizing feedback. Just as many considered it to be groundbreaking, so did many viewed this to be a breaking point where things went downhill.


It was at this time that the company became known as Activision-Blizzard. Yet they managed to avoid any doubt, and assure everyone that the company would stay true to its roots. And if all went south, they always had a trump card. The most recent one is Overwatch 2. One that would see the groundbreaking release even better, one that would return faith to its community. But the truth of the matter is, the main reason Blizzard will come out on top of all this is because of its die-hard fans. The same ones that now hate it for Warcraft III Reforged.

People vs. Blizzard

Blizzard was once a pinnacle of hope. A true AAA company that respected its members and noted all feedback it received. It was beloved, yet from such love was born the idea that Blizzard can do no wrong. Because it is true. It came to the point that Blizzard could get away with anything. And even when it did mess up hard, they would draw out the one of their aforementioned trump cards. Diablo Immortal announced to negative reception? It’s okay, they will remaster Warcraft III. The community is unsure of Warcraft’s success? Not a problem, here is Diablo IV. Diablo IV suffers the same problem? No problem, here is Overwatch 2. Yes, many would not want to admit it, but the community is gullible. Taking in as much stuff as Blizzard shoves down their throats.

This same community will one-day redeem Blizzard, all because another shiny thing came out. Another expansion or sequel. Another chance to gloat and to promise the world, but only deliver a piece of it. And at the end riding on the community’s goodwill, and on a strong eSports base, the company can still get away with it. Maybe this will finally be where many draw the line and declare they had enough. Or wait until Overwatch 2 comes out. And once again, gullibly reassure everyone that it just works. A never-ending cycle that might go on forever, and the reason why they are still kicking.

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