Overwatch Ashe

Overwatch Will Add Ashe Soon, but Blizzard Has Plans for Five More Heroes

We already know the name of one hero arriving at Overwatch soon. As Blizzard revealed during BlizzCon, her name is Ashe and she looks fierce. However, it seems that the studio is planning more additions to the game in terms of the roster. In fact, they are planning six new heroes, at least according to Jeff Kaplan, the director of the game.

“The list includes Ashe and five more, but you should expect anything soon,” said Kaplan.

As he revealed, the heroes are still a work in progress and there is no timeline available. When Overwatch first appeared, it had 21 heroes in its roster and Ashe will be the 29th, which means that the number will increase to 34 once all six heroes are added.

Will Overwatch Become Free to Play?

Although Overwatch has been around for over two years (actually, almost three), the game’s popularity seems to go only up. The developers are organising free weekends to attract new players, which is a recipe that works. However, that also led to a question whether Overwatch will become free-to-play.

“We haven’t made the game that way and we are not giving it serious consideration at this time. However, it is an option you should always keep in mind,” said Kaplan mysteriously.

When it celebrated two years since the release, Overwatch had 40 million players. There is no doubt that the game is a huge source of revenue for Blizzard, especially if you keep in mind that they are making loads of money through microtransactions. Kaplan insists that the studio plans to continue implementing loot boxes in their games.

“We are respecting the laws of each country where our games are played, but we are sticking with the loot system. We believe that the system implemented in Overwatch is gamer-friendly.”

Kaplan explains this with the fact how you can only buy cosmetic items through microtransactions, which means that the user experience is not affected. If it wasn’t for that income, the game director warns that adding new heroes and organising free weekends may be impossible. He also pinpointed that, although other studios like Epic did a smart job with a battle pass, they won’t choose this option over the loot system.

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