Bladebound Review: Hack and Slash RPG with Simple and Fun Action

Bladebound Review

You might know the studio Artifex Mundi for their adventure games, such as Grim Legends and Queen’s Quest series. However, they now decided to embark on an adventure (pun intended) into the RPG genre. As a result, mobile gamers around the world got the chance to play Bladebound. While we cannot claim that the release offers anything innovative, it still does a lot of things right and provides an intriguing game to the fans of the role-playing genre.

You’re the Last Bladebound Knight!

Nothing good happened in the Ezura kingdom lately. The Betrayer conducted his evil plan to destroy the Bladebound order and become a tyrant. He inflicted darkness on the entire territory, and there is only one hope that the light will ever return. As the last knight of your order, the faith of the whole realm rests upon your shoulders. Your task is to become a hero and defeat the evil Betrayer once and for all!

Bladebound Character

The good news is that you won’t be entirely alone on your journey. A mysterious being named Sentinel will follow you and be on your side during the battles. It might be interesting to mention that you can’t play as a female in the game. Your companion Sentinel is female, and the sex plays a vital part in the plot, which is why the developers opted against adding the option to choose.

Hack and Slash Through Dozens of Levels

There is a bunch of levels that you can play in the game. They will take you to various areas of the Ezura kingdom with each of them more attractive than the previous. The developers gave their best to deliver breathtaking graphics. The game is entirely 3D, and the graphics do remind of those we see on consoles, even though the game is exclusively designed for the mobile market. Though the scenery is pretty dark in most cases (understandable for a kingdom overshadowed by evil), it doesn’t change the fact that everything looks stunning.

Bladebound Gameplay

However, you need to be prepared for at least some sort of limitation when it comes to releases for mobiles. In the case of Bladebound, it’s that the levels are very linear and you have little freedom in exploring the beautiful settings. On the plus side, the battles look spectacular, and those who love the visual presentation will be wowed by the special effects.

Is There Anyone Who Can Match Your Strength?

It won’t take more than a minute or two to get used to the control system. There is a joystick in the bottom left section that you use for navigating, while the action buttons are on the right. You have more than a thousand attack combinations, and you can also use powerful spells on your opponents. There are so many options that you can use, and they all contribute to the fun of slashing the enemies.

All opponents and items in the game are split across six categories of elements. These include Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Physics, and Nature. Each of these groups beats the next one, except for the Physics which is neutral. If you use an element that has the upper hand over your rival’s one you will inflict twice the damage with a regular blow. However, if the group you choose has a weakness towards the enemy’s element, you can only inflict 50% damage. All this doesn’t count for physics, which can always deal 100% damage regardless of the opponent it is attacking.

Bladebound Quests

The concept is intriguing, but the problem is that there is not much need for thinking and strategizing because the creatures you assault are not a challenge at all. In fact, the attack button is more magical than all the spells combined. If you tap it, our hero will run to the nearest foe and slash them to pieces. That goes for multiple enemies, too, which means that you can go through almost any level by just hitting a single button.

Challenge and Arena Modes

When things to get tricky, you will have the option to adjust the difficulty level. There are three of them in total, and if you are looking for a challenge, I suggest you choose the “heroic.” As you pass through the stages, you will also unlock new game modes. These include Weekly Challenges and Events, but also the Arena mode where you will compete against real-time gamers.

The game offers a bunch of opportunities to win loot that you can use for upgrading the weapons or items you have. However, the energy meter limits how long you can play the game in one session. The authors claim that this will enable you to love the game by getting to know it gradually. Considering the repetitive action when it comes to fighting, they might even have a point.

Bladebound Arena

If you love hack and slash RPGs, you might consider downloading this game. It can be an excellent stress reliever when you are tense. After all, is there a better way to relax than slashing some monsters? On the downside, there is a not much that a game can offer in the long-term. If you don’t enjoy this genre and especially all its quirks on mobile devices, perhaps it’s best to skip it.

Where Can You Get Bladebound?

Despite being packed with in-app purchases, Bladebound is a free to play release. You can download it from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user or from the Apple’s App Store if you are playing with a device that runs on iOS. Keep in mind that the game takes a considerable amount of space on your phone (or SD card). According to the info on the official page, it requires 0.9 GB of space at the moment, so make sure that you can accommodate the installation. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t play Bladebound offline. On the plus side, the internet connection gives you the option of storing your data in a cloud and playing from multiple devices.

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