A New Map Available for Black Ops 4 on PS4; PC and Xbox Players Will Get It Next Week

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Nuketown

A big day today for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fans since it was confirmed that a new free map called Nuketown is coming to the game. Actually, the PlayStation 4 owners already have an opportunity to test it while PC and Xbox One owners will have to be patient until next week.

The new map is a part of a huge patch for Black Ops 4 and the reason why PS4 players are getting it first is a special deal Activision and Sony signed when it comes to exclusivity for a limited time.

According to reports, the new update has an impressive size of 11GB and it is officially available for download for PS4 and Xbox. While you can download the patch, certain features of the DLC may be activated sometime later. In other words, this means that owners of COD: Black Ops 4 on all platforms can immediately download the new map, but the developers will unlock it later.

If there is anything good that comes out of that it is the fact that you won’t need an additional update next week. Another positive thing is that the new map is completely free as long as you have the initial version of the game. The official release date for the Nuketown map on PC and Xbox One is November 20th.

Changes Based on User Feedback are Also Coming

Treyarch, the development team behind BO 4, has never hidden the fact that Nuketown is a favourite map among the fans, which is precisely the reason for its revival. However, this is not where the list of changes ends as we noticed numerous changes that adjust gameplay in patch notes.

The adjustments were mostly made upon requests of the community, which means that these balance tweaks are the ones the players were asking for. Some of the adjustments will only be available in Multiplayer mode, but most of them apply to all modes.

Submachine guns now all have boosted the speed of movement, but changes were also made to tactical, assault, and sniper rifles. There are also some spawn and playlist updates to multiplayer modes.

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