BioWare Plans Anthem Closed Alpha for Next Weekend

Anthem Alpha

BioWare is developing Anthem, a multiplayer action RPG that is scheduled to be released on 22nd February 2019. Plenty of hype is surrounding the release and things are taken to the next level now that Electronic Arts has announced that closed alpha will be starting very soon.

December 8th is the date when players across all platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, may get the chance to try the new game. As mentioned, the testing will be closed and it will run for two days. The players should consider it as a chance to merely test Anthem. Even while the servers are open, the developers may make some adjustments on matchmaking systems and test potential connectivity problems.

In short, you shouldn’t expect too much from this alpha. It is more there to serve the developers than players, although those who get invited will surely appreciate a chance to see how the game works. If you are interested to become one of them, you have several days remaining to sign up for the Community Playtest started by Electronic Arts.

Limited to One Platform

Please note that you can only choose a single platform where you wish to play the alpha. During the two days mentioned, the game will support infinite sessions for each player. That means you are not limited by time or attempts to play the game.

With less than three months remaining to the release, Anthem is facing a large hype, but not all of it is positive. Many are comparing it to some other titles already available while others are asking why BioWare hasn’t continued down the road of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Truly, this couldn’t be a more different project than single player and narrative-driven games they have done so far.

The good news is that the studio seems to be preparing a project similar to their previous ones. We do not have an official confirmation yet, but the gaming community is speculating that Dragon Age 4 will be revealed during The Game Awards set to be held next week. This is only one of the potentially ten new games we will get to see announced at the event.

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