Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Be an Online-Based Multiplayer Game

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Multiplayer

Everyone is asking “when will Beyond Good and Evil 2 be released?” The bad news is that there is still no confirmation on the date by Ubisoft. However, the team seems to be doing their best to convince us that they are working hard on the sequel of a game that was made in 2003. In order to support their claims, they published a new blog post in which they answer some of the most interesting questions posted by the fans.

In one of their answers, Ubisoft revealed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will actually be a multiplayer online-based game that will focus on the co-op gaming experience. As a result, you will need to have a strong internet connection to play it. According to the developers, although the game will focus on co-op, you will still be able to play solo.

The obvious next question was how the lore fits into the multiplayer concept. Ubisoft explains that BGE2 world will be extremely detailed and deep. This will enable players to discover more about how things work as they explore. There will be narrative elements involved, but they won’t differ whether you are playing solo or in co-op. The developers brag that the Voyager engine will secure that two players can seamlessly take on joint adventures regardless of their location in the real world, which means there is no distance limit between the players involved.

The Hybrids are Still Here

The fans also wanted to know about additional hybrid animal species in Beyond Good and Evil 2. Pigs and monkeys are among those that will definitely be portrayed, but we can also expect other hybrids to be announced in the future. The final game will focus heavily on Chinese and Indian cultures, as well as some others that are subtly hinted in trailers. The list will also include underground cultures, which will be interesting to explore.

Other interesting additions will include hybrid slaves that will be “employed” in mines, as well as clones, which will have their specific way of ageing. Their limitation, however, is that they are unable to give birth, which will add an additional layer to the complexity of the game.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Hybrids

Finally, it will be of great significance who do you choose as your playing character. The in-game world and various characters may react differently if you are human and if you are a hybrid. You might not be welcome everywhere, so make sure you stay alert!

And stay tuned for more news regarding Beyond Good and Evil 2 soon.

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