Bethesda Plans Wolfenstein 3…but We Do Not Know When

Wolfenstein 3

Can you believe that Wolfenstein has been around one way or the other for 25 years? There is no doubt that the franchise was resurrected when Bethesda took over and the development studio brings us more good news for all fans of the series. It was confirmed by Pete Hines, a member of Bethesda, that we can expect the next installment in the franchise. We already know that Youngblood is set to appear in 2019, but this is an entirely different game (presumably Wolfenstein 3), which just sounds amazing.

Hines spoke during this year’s E3 and revealed his honest opinion about the sale of Wolfenstein 2.

“We can’t say that it didn’t meet our expectations. I admit that we expected it to do better, but we are planning two more additions to the franchise,” said Hines implying that they wouldn’t do that if they were disappointed with the sales.

Is There a Potential Release Date for Wolfenstein 3

There is no indication on the potential release date of Wolfenstein 3, but Hines confirmed that the development team is working on Youngblood first, which means that we probably shouldn’t expect the game before the end of the next year.

Hines was extremely optimistic when asked about other titles made by Bethesda that had questionable sales performance. He announced that we can expect more downloadable content for Prey, but remained mysterious about the Dishonored series. Allow us to remind you that Arkane’s lead designer said that there are no immediate plans for the series.

“Arkane is working on numerous things and that is the reason for that statement. Bare (the designer) never mentioned that they will never make another Dishonored game. We are trying to make smart business decisions that would bring us profit, but also decisions that we believe our players would want us to make. We are trying to mix everything up,” said Hines.

When it comes to Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Hines didn’t have an exact release date to exclusively reveal for the gaming community. Everything we know is still that the game will appear somewhere during the next year. We also know a bit something about the plotline – BJ Blazkowicz, our favorite Wolfenstein hero, is missing. The timeline for the game will allegedly be the 1980s and the plot should occur in Paris.

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