Bethesda Brings a Copy of Fallout 76 to a Terminally Ill Boy

Bethesda Game Studios

Wes is 12 years old and he has been fighting neuroblastoma ever since he was five. Despite seven years of struggling, the doctors recently decided that the best thing they can do is stop the treatment of this rare form of cancer. Just like most kids, Wes is a fan of video games and he is looking forward to Fallout 76. However, as this game is set to release in November, he recently realized he might not have the chance to play it.

They heard about that in Bethesda, the development studio behind Fallout 76. That is why they made sure to visit Wes and enable him to play his new favorite game. It was the assistant director Matt Grandstaff of the studio that grabbed a copy of the title and took it from Maryland to Virginia where Wes lives. He also made sure to bring a Power Armor helmet, which is a prototype of an accessory that will be available with the special edition of Fallout 76. The helmet was even signed by Todd Howard, the chief of Bethesda.

Bethesda Team and Wes

The news was shared by Wes’ family on Facebook.

“We are aware that he can’t get to keep the game because it is too early, but it made him happier just that he got the opportunity to play it for several hours. It means the world to us all.”

You can also find a page dedicated to Wes on Go Fund Me. The page is utilized to collect donations to pay for expenses of visiting NYC doctors and living costs.

Not the First Good Deed

While we are on the topic of Bethesda, let’s mention that this is not the first time they are doing a good thing. In fact, they occasionally welcome terminally ill kids that want to come to the studio and see how designers and developers are making their favorite games.

“Plenty of them wanted to come to Bethesda and it is a real reality check for our staff. You are doing your job just like every they and you see a child that comes in with their parents…they can be anywhere, but they decided to come here to see how their game is made and get the chance to play it. Nothing that we do can compare to that, said Todd Howard who leads the studio.

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