Time to liven up, people! Today we’re looking at a few of the most hilarious comic relief characters in video games. A comic relief is someone who works in contrast of a serious story, a character that perhaps makes you feel that not everything is bad. These kinds of characters truly are underappreciated because believe me, making the audience sad is easier than making the audience laugh. Remember that! That being said, let’s get to it.

Kent Paul from GTA: Vice City

It’s too damn difficult to pick between Ken Rosenberg and Kent Paul from the game Vice City but Kent Paul slightly edges out because of his delivery and dialogues. Described by Ken Rosenberg as “a music industry slimeball”, Kent Paul acts as the owner of Club Malibu for a time and as an information broker for us throughout the campaign. The whole mission saga of Kent Paul with the Rock band Love Fist is a gem but the best Kent Paul scene has to be his introduction to the game. Watch this:

Kent Paul describing Ken Rosenberg, a lawyer, as “that guy could defend an innocent man all the way to death row.” is genius.

GLaDOS from the Portal series

Probably the biggest fan-favourite murderbot in the gaming world, GLaDOS’ wit is as sharp and quick as her computations. In an isolated science lab with a dark history, GLaDOS first gives out the feeling of a friendly bot but as time passes she reveals her true snarky self. After that, it is all toxic, in a hilarious way of course!

It is really a feat to be the main antagonist as well as the primary comic relief. Imagine that combination. Well, no wonder she’s one of the best if not the best comic relief/villains/voices in gaming.

Just like the previous entry on the list, it is difficult to pick between GLaDOS and Wheatley. Though GLaDOS wins out, it would be unfair to not mention the always on-the-edge and friendly bot from Portal 2.

Best dialogue: “Look, we both said a lot of things that you’re going to regret.”

Sans from Undertale

Ah, yes. The time traveler, memer, wisecracker from the hit RPG game Undertale. Sans is initially shown as a comic relief character but we later get to know that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Even then, his enthusiastic attitude and jokes are the highlight of this character. Also, Sans is based on the font Comic Sans, so that basically says what his character ought to be like.


Sans easily has the best dialogues in the game and perhaps the best boss fight too! This chilled out skeleton is definitely a treat for those who decided to take either the Neutral or Pacifist paths in Undertale.

Best dialogue: “I’ve gotten a ton of work done today. A skele-ton.”

Duke Nukem from Duke Nukem series

This musclebound bro is the ultimate pastiche to all other musclebound bros of the world. Duke was originally a silent protagonist until they tested and experimented with this now-famous brash personality and realized how stupid they were to not do this earlier. Donning sunglasses, a red tank top, and a fat cigar, Duke is a true American hero with a lot of guns and one-liners.


He can literally shield himself in the game with the help of his ego. No, not a mental shield, a literal physical shield. Playing pinball and video games increases his ego!

Best dialogue: “Babes, Bullets, Bombs! Damn I love this job!”

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