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Bayonetta Is Finally Back After Almost 4 Years!

Bayonetta Is Finally Back After Almost 4 Years

PlatinumGames fans have cause for celebration, as one of the studio's most beloved franchises is coming back in force.

The tail end of Nintendo Direct 9.23.2022 wrapped up with a surprise Bayonetta 3 trailer! This is a massive cause for celebration among Platinium Games fans. As all we had for years now were baseless rumors. Quick reminder: Bayonetta 3 was first announced in December of 2017. Even beyond that, fans have been waiting for 7 full years since the last game in the franchise came out. But here we are, with a first look at the gameplay courtesy of Nintendo.

As is tradition by now, Platinium decided to give our heroine a new look. And she is just stylin’! From the gameplay preview, we can see that the classic is also back. Witch Time is a mechanic that defines Bayonetta’s gameplay style, and we just can’t have an entry into the franchise without it. For those who might not know, dodging an attack right before it hits effectively stops time in Bayonetta. This provides us with a great high risk, high reward system, that encourages aggressive play.

The trailer then takes us into different locations, one of them being a derailed train going at breakneck speed. Crazy arenas like this are at the core of Bayonetta’s gameplay so no surprise there. What is brand new is the Demon Masquerade, which allows Bayo to summon demons for some kaiju shenanigans. You could technically do that in prior games, but they were pretty much just “QTE finishers” for boss fights or special cutscene attacks. Here we are placed in control of the colossal creatures to fight the equally huge enemies. This surely seems like a great addition to break up the gameplay loop of kicking angel asses.

“But what about the gramphics of Bayonetta 3?”

Now, the reception of this trailer is somewhat divided. On one hand, we have the crowd that this game is targeting. Gamers who gravitate towards titles with a “gameplay first” attitude. Bayonetta, Devil May Cry (With the exception of DMC V), and such were never the “lookers” among videogames. They were never meant to be because they aren’t interactive movies, they are full-fledged videogames. But this confuses the second group of recipients of this trailer. People who claim that this “looks old”, or there even was a comment stating that it “looks like this game gone woke”. Yes, dear reader, there is someone out there claiming that Bayo went woke. Which is just the funniest statement I have read all year.

So there is this whole bunch of extremely weird individuals that call Bayo’s graphics bad. Which is, I mean, fair enough. But does every game now need the newest, cutting-edge, hyper-realistic, 600FPS, 16K graphics? Just to release? I for one prefer some fresh gameplay. And I might get it with Bayonetta 3, coming next year for the Nintendo Switch.