Battlezone 2

Battlezone 2 Remastered Coming in 2018 with Multiplayer Support

We were surprised when Battlezone 98 Redux Steam was released last year thanks to Rebellion and Big Boat Interactive. We mean surprised in the most positive way imaginable since we loved playing the sci-fi strategy classic about two decades ago. The release breathed new life into the franchise and introduced new players to the game that used to be a real gem of the genre. The reviews were positive, and the game had incredible success, which was reason enough for the publisher to order the second part of the series remastered, too.

Battlezone 2 Combat Commander will hit the digital shelves in 2018. Big Boat Interactive will also be in charge of securing that the transition to modern times goes smooth. There is no reason to change the recipe that works, and that is probably how people from Rebellion were thinking. That is undoubtedly a good sign for new and old lovers of the franchise. They got it right with the first game, and there is no reason for it to go wrong now.

As expected, the remastered version will feature better graphics and more attractive visuals. The DirectX 11 rendered will run the visuals, while the developers will retexture and upscale the terrain. There will be six worlds with 24 missions in the single-player campaign. Just like in the original game, there will be 30 different units do control. You will construct defenses and bases while you are taking your army to victories. There is also first-person battle available, and you can be a part of the fight in different war machinery.

Online Play with Steam and GOG Support

Battlezone 2 will bring one crucial difference compared to the original game. It will come with online and GOG and Steam support. That means that you will be able to play multiplayer against real-life opponents and prove that you are the best commander around. Also, Steam and GOG will feature cloud saving, as well as various achievements.

It is also intriguing to mention that the remastered version will have total mod support. That means that the fan base will get the chance to create new maps, missions, vehicles, and other stuff that are part of the game. According to the information revealed, users will also get the chance to create the interface that works for them.

There is no official date of release, but we are expecting the game to be out sometime in 2018. You can sign up for news related to the game on Rebellion and get a chance to play the closed beta.

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