Battletech Flashpoint

Battletech: Flashpoint Is the First Paid Expansion of the Base Game

It has been seven months since the original Battletech has been released. The turn-based strategy featuring mechs has had huge success and now it is time for the first paid expansion. Battletech: Flashpoint features a huge content update with plenty of new options. Its default price on Steam is $19.99, but there is a 10% discount valid until December 2nd.

Although you probably assumed, we should mention that you need the base Battletech in order to play the expansion. The name of the add-on Flashpoint is because the DLC focuses on adding so-called Flashpoints. These are short stories that combine choices, events, conversations, missions, and rewards. Their joint goal is to additionally bolster the endgame of Battletech.

The great thing about these stories is that some of them will have consecutive missions without giving you time to heal in between which means that the game’s difficulty is turned up a notch. The developer emphasizes that the new game adds more than 30 hours of gameplay.

The most intriguing stories include the one where you need to save the civilians caught in the crossfire. However, you should think whether that is a smart move since they cannot pay and you need to out your MechWarriors in danger. In another story, you will hunt the twins that are a threat to your employer. When they choose different paths, you need to pick who to pursue.

Other Battletech: Flashpoint Features

One of the additions that caught our attention is tropical biome which allows you to take the fight to a tropical setting. Spore clouds are playing a crucial role in this scenery and you should always watch to use them to your advantage.

Aside from that, there is a new type of mission called Target Acquisition. It will demand of you to employ medium and lights mechs in order to successfully complete it. There will be a timer counting down and you will need to control three positions within that timeframe.

Battletech: Flashpoint will feature three new battlemechs, too. Cyclops is equipped with a battle computer, Crab has incredible versatility and speed while Hatchetman has the power of chopping armor. They will be excellent additions to further boost the gaming experience.

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