Battlefield V Compensation

Battlefield V Will Give You Free Items As a Compensation for Delayed Release

Battlefield V was supposed to release this month, but the developers were forced to push back the date since they wanted to “further polish the game.” They are aware that affected plans of many players to test BFV during these Halloween holidays, which is why they offered something as compensation.

Once Battlefield 5 hits the digital shelves on November 20, DICE, the developer studio behind the game, will give two in-game items for free. The only condition is that you log into the game up to seven days after the release. The items that you will get include Oscar Mike Emblem and Helmet. This was revealed by Oscar Robertson, the general manager of DICE and the guy whose name has nothing to do with these items. They were actually named after the radio jargon soldiers often used when on the front lines.

This is another piece of exciting news coming from the developers of BF5. In the recent days, we also found out that Mark Strong will narrate the single-player mode of the game. This Hollywood actor is also a part of the cast of the upcoming Squadron 42. The gaming industry might also know him from Total War: Rome 2, but he actually starred in Sherlock Holmes.

What about a Battle Royale Mode?

Yes, that option will also be featured in the game. Ever since Fortnite, we are used to many games featuring their own Battle Royale mode. In the case of Battlefield V, it will be called Firestorm, but its rules will be somewhat different. Each session will allow up to 64 players to participate and they will be divided into teams of four.

We do not know if you will be able to play alone, but we do know that sessions will occur at a map that will be biggest ever in Battlefield. Other expected features, such as vehicles and reducing playing zone will also be implemented.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 managed to attract a huge amount of players with its Blackout mode and it remains to be seen whether Firestorm will have a similar effect.

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