Battlefield 5 Won’t Have a Battle Royale Mode Until Spring

Battlefield V Battle Royale

Just when we got some good news as the developers of Battlefield 5 decided to offer us free items for being patient about the delay of their game’s release to November 20, we received some bad news again. All of us that were looking forward to the Battle Royale mode of BF5 will be sad to hear that they will have to wait for it to be implemented until spring 2019.

This was revealed by Electronic Arts when they publicly released an update that depicts the schedule of live services related to the game. You will, however, get to enjoy plenty of cool events and everything will start in December. That is when Overture update will appear and, as a part of the events that will be launched in December and January, you will get to enjoy a solo mission called The Last Tiger, experience tank battles in Belgium, and test yourself at the practice range.

Somewhere in January 2019, we can expect the “lightning to strike.” The new update will then offer a heavy focus on vehicles and infantry’s quickness along with extra two modes and multiple cooperative missions featured on a series of maps.

Finally, it is in March when we will get the chance to play the Battle for Greece mode and Firestorm, which is the name of the Battle Royale playing option. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact release date available yet.

Although DICE did announce that we will have to be a bit patient with Firestorm as it won’t be available immediately during the release, we haven’t expected to wait for this long. This may be a tactic that Electronic Arts applied because the Blackout mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is attracting all the attention now.

Perhaps they are worried that their BR won’t have the same effect, which is why they decided to postpone it. On the other hand, there is no doubt that it is a huge risk for Battlefield 5 not to have a Battle Royale mode since there is no doubt it is an absolute hit among the players.

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