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Battlefield 2042 Codes Have Been Sent Out – Is A Suprise Beta Of The Game Coming?

Battlefield 2042 Codes Have Been Sent Out

Some users have already received beta codes for Battlefield 2042 via Amazon. What could this mean?

Everyone knows by now that Battlefield 2042 developed by DICE suffered a delay. The game was supposed to launch on October 22nd of this year, but the release date got moved back to November 19th. This brings up questions about the game’s beta early access. The lead community manager for EA tweeted this out just after announcing the delay.

So this confirms that players who bought the Ultimate Edition of the game will get access to the title 7 days prior to launch, on the 12th of November. But we are still in the dark when it comes to the open beta. Neither the open beta date, nor the open beta early access date have been specified yet, and the public pressure is pilling on. Under the latest tweets by Adam Freeman, we can see that replies are flooded with people asking for an open beta date. Well, that crowd might have just gotten what they hoped for, with the latest development in this story.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Keys Unleashed

In a thread on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, one user revealed that Amazon has just delivered his promotional code for the open beta of the game. Does this mean that the beta is coming soon? Well, probably yes and no. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we will get the beta soon. Soon as in two weeks or earlier. We will have to wait for some official information from the DICE team, who up to this point has been very forthcoming with information. But as the game got delayed presumably to get some polish, we might want to let them work in peace.

As to why people are getting beta keys now, this isn’t much of a mystery. The original beta, pre-delay, was planned for the 22nd of September. And it’s as simple as that, Amazon and other companies just forgot to delay their beta keys. Or they just haven’t received word when the beta is going live, so they dropped them anyway. This is nothing new, user “mkv_r32” comments under the thread stating that he actually got his beta key back in August. Way before any beta was supposed to take place. Some internet people have stated that the beta will launch on the 6th of October. But since their sources seem to be “dude, trust me”, we really should keep our expectations low. So how about we stay calm until some official confirmation?

Battlefield 2042 releases November 19th for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and of course the PC. Will be available on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, Steam, Epic Games, and Origin.