Battleborn Is Not Getting Any More Updates But Servers Are To Be Kept Alive


Gearbox announced that they would stop updating Battleborn after the fall update. The good news is that the servers will stay active for the foreseeable future.

Battleborn was a good game that chose a wrong time to show up on the market. Everyone was busy with Overwatch, and not many people gave a chance to the release created by Gearbox. BB attracted more players once it was turned into a free-to-play game. But even that didn’t help to last longer because of Randy Varnell, the creative director for the game, announced that there would be no more updates.

“We have no planned content for Battleborn after the fall update. We will reveal details of any future news or changes via social media or on our forums,” said Varnell.

The news came as a shock to a modest, but still a present Battleborn community. Fortunately, Varnell cleared up that we shouldn’t fear for the game itself.

“Battleborn is here to stay. Servers will stay active, and the players will have access to all the content previously released. Moving to the next project always leaves a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, you are sorry that you are going, but on the other, you can step back and enjoy what you created.”

Gearbox made a comprehensive final update for the game, including new skins, as well as some title art, Taunts and Finisher Boosts. But why would the developers stop updating a game that could be considered successful?

Can We Expect Borderlands 3 in the Future?

Although there is still no official confirmation, the gaming community assumes that the reason Gearbox gave up working on Battleborn is a new sequel to the Borderlands franchise. Even Varnell confirmed that the team is working on something big.

“I am happy to reveal that I will play a part in a highly anticipated project. I am sure that you will hear from me again soon.”


Varnell hopes that their fan base will stick around for future releases.

“I’d like to thank all people who tried and enjoyed Battleborn. I hope they will remain with us to dip down in a new universe together.”

Borderlands 2, the previous game in the series, was released five years ago. Everyone is quite confident that Gearbox is working on the sequel. However, there are rumors that it won’t be named Borderlands 3, but more something like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which was a game released in 2015.

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