Baldur’s Gate 3 Is in Development – Is Larian Working on It?

Baldur's Gate 3

It’s not like there aren’t great new RPG titles, but we always like to see a used to be successful franchise revived. This especially applies to classics, such as Baldur’s Gate. It was truly a real gem back in 1998 when Interplay Entertainment developed and Bioware agreed to publish it. The fans also loved the game, which is why a sequel followed a year later. However, we haven’t had the chance to play the third installment in the franchise. It seemed that will never happen up until yesterday when Brian Fargo surprised us on Twitter.

Fargo is the head of the inXile Entertainment studio and the founder of Interplay Entertainment who worked on original releases.  He was informed via the social network by one of the fans that he had been mentioned in an article about Baldur’s Gate 3. What surprised us was Fargo’s response where he confirmed that BG3 is already in development and he knows who is working on it.

While there are literally no details in this tweet, it was enough for the gaming community to start spreading the rumor that we could soon expect to lay our hands (or rather keyboards and mice) on Baldur’s Gate 3.

There were other exciting rumors about the franchise recently when we found out that allegedly Larian Studios acquired the license for the series. This was revealed in an internet forum where a member shared that he heard from a friend who used to work in Larian how they got the license. Yes, it sounds like a stretch, but we still wish that at least one of these rumors is true.

Unfortunately, we still do not know anything officially since everyone is keeping their mouths shut. We hope to have at least a piece of new information soon, but we probably shouldn’t expect to play BG3 before 2019. Up until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the game will be at least equally as good as the first two installments.

If you would like to play the Baldur’s Gate series again, we suggest acquiring the Complete Saga on Steam. This bundle contains three games, DLC, and official soundtracks.

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