Kyle M. Scott

After being a gamer for over an eternity, Kyle now shares his thoughts on the gaming industry with everyone on CharlieOscarDelta. Besides gaming, he's also passionate about tech, movies, and awesome beards, just like the one he owns.

Bid Wars Storage Auctions Hacks and Cheats – Become the Ultimate Bidder

We have to admit something – our staff is pretty hooked on Bid Wars Storage Auctions! The excitement of bidding on warehouses that may be hiding all sorts of treasures and outsmarting opponents got us addicted. The problem is our joy of playing didn’t last much – we soon figured out that we are out of energy and cash required to play the game and bid with the best bidders. Naturally, we headed onl...[Read More]

Infinity Blade 3 APK Download – Play the Game for Free on Android

If anyone asked us whether we would ever see the Unreal Engine on mobile phones, we would say “not in a million years.” However, the technology advancement is apparent, and it is what brings us the Infinity Blade 3, one of the most beautiful games ever released on smartphones. DOWNLOAD APK The Final Part of the Trilogy The third installment of the series takes a familiar formula and perfects it. T...[Read More]