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Besides programming and cars, I love video games and I have a huge passion for tech. That's why I'm up to date with every new thing that comes out. In my spare time I write because I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people.

Remedy Will Manage to Finish Control by the End of the Year

The development studio Remedy used us to unusual games that could even fall into the “weird” compartment. The team based in Finland now has an official date available for their upcoming release called Control. According to several online sources, the game will release during 2019. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact release date yet, but the news is still encouraging. Remedy has quite an intere...[Read More]

A New MMO with Battle Royale Add-On Ashes of Creation Delayed for “Months”

Ashes of Creation is a new MMO release developed by Intrepid Studios. The company was formed in 2015, and its veteran developers have some great games in their portfolio. The list includes the X-Com and Call of Duty franchises, as well as Star Wars Galaxies, and EverQuest. Despite all that experience, there seem to be some problems in the development of the Ashes of Creation. The latest informatio...[Read More]

Hard to Find Gems: 5 New Steam Games You Should Try

Despite having some major competition in the last several months, Steam remains the gaming storefront that sells the largest number of games. It is hard to find your way through thousands of titles in this online store. That is why we decided to select five recently published Steam games that deserve a chance, and you probably haven’t tried them already. 1.      Undead Horde As you will notice, we...[Read More]

GTA V Cheat Developers Got Their Assets Frozen by Rockstar!

You may have thought that cheating in games has been unethical, but it seems it has become unlawful, too, at least if it is according to the news revealed by BBC a couple of days ago. Believe it or not, Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, managed to acquire a search and seizure order from the Federal Court of Australia against several persons who are allegedly using the “Infamous” soft...[Read More]

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods Gets an Official Release Date

Crate Entertainment did an excellent job with their Grim Dawn action RPG that was initially released in 2016. The developers released a couple of expansions so far, including Ashes of Malmouth, Crucible Mode DLC, and a special pack for Steam loyalists. However, we have been waiting on their newest expansion Forgotten Gods for a while now. The creators finally confirmed that they have an official r...[Read More]

Shenmue III Gets a New Trailer That Shows Gameplay and Combat

Can you believe that it has been almost four years since Shenmue III was officially announced? If you are a fan of the franchise, the chances are you have been waiting a long time for a new release and fresh information about it. The developers took their time and faced some problems in the process, but the release date of August 27, 2019, has now been confirmed. You should take that with a pinch ...[Read More]

Respawn Plans to Combat Apex Legends Cheaters; Refuses to Tell How

Apex Legends has hit the 50 million player mark, which is a goal that many games and companies can only dream of despite their efforts. The game was released with as little hype as possible, but it quickly attracted numerous players. The developers did seem to do many things right because the gamers tend to stick around with Apex Legends. The problem is that attracting that many players also attra...[Read More]

Anthem Gets Another Major Patch – Is It Enough to Fix the Game?

You could feel the anticipation before Anthem was released, but the exact scenario many of us were afraid of happened. The initial release of the game wasn’t so great, which is why BioWare is now forced to work hard on updates. One of the biggest patches that updates Anthem to version 1.0.3 was released today. The patch changes a lot of things starting from respawning timers up to loot modificatio...[Read More]

Halo The Master Chief Collection to Release on PC Next Week?

The Halo franchise is still alive and well, and Microsoft has planned what to do with it in the future. That is the only thing that we can claim after watching the newest teaser for the Inside Xbox episode scheduled for next week. The teaser focuses on only one thing – the Halo Master Chief Collection. The creators of the show plan to focus on that release in the upcoming episode, but what does th...[Read More]

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Will Be an Homage to Quake and Other Classic FPS

If you are a fan of classic first-person shooters, 3D Realms has got exciting news for you. They just announced a new game that fits that description. The official name is Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, and we should expect it in summer 2019. The studio plans to resemble old-school shooters, which is why they even decided to utilize the engine that was initially used to develop Quake. That’s not where the c...[Read More]

Battlefield 5 Firestorm and Battle Royale to be Released Soon?

Spring is getting near, and everyone wants to spend more time outside. There are not many things that could keep you indoors, except for rainy weather and Battlefield 5 Battle Royale. Yes, you’ve read that final part correctly – it seems that everything is ready for the release of Firestorm, the official name of the BF5 BR. One of the users on Reddit revealed that his list of challenges involved p...[Read More]

Stranded Sails Is a Pirate-Themed Game about Surviving on a Tropical Island

The fact that thousands of players loved Stardew Valley inspires developers to upgrade that idea and create their formulas to make new great games. Lemonbomb Entertainment is one of those studios, and they are developing Stranded Sails. The game combines the SV theme with pirates, which sounds like an intriguing combination. According to the details revealed online, you will only be able to play t...[Read More]