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Besides programming and cars, I love video games and I have a huge passion for tech. That's why I'm up to date with every new thing that comes out. In my spare time I write because I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people.

BioWare Plans Anthem Closed Alpha for Next Weekend

BioWare is developing Anthem, a multiplayer action RPG that is scheduled to be released on 22nd February 2019. Plenty of hype is surrounding the release and things are taken to the next level now that Electronic Arts has announced that closed alpha will be starting very soon. December 8th is the date when players across all platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, may get the chance t...[Read More]

Godhood, the New Deity Simulation by Abbey Games, Gets First Gameplay Trailer

We always like when we encounter creative indie games that have a certain level of complexity and a unique theme. These studios may not reach the budget of the top ones in the industry, but they are far ahead when it comes to having a soul and being attractive for players worldwide. It is the effort that matters and we like to award it with our gaming time (and a few dollars). Have you played Reus...[Read More]

Breach Is a Promising Co-Operative Dungeon Crawler Hitting Early Access Soon

Who doesn’t love a good dungeon crawler? Things get even more exciting when you get the opportunity to form a squad with your buddies and fight the monsters and other dangers together. This is precisely the idea behind Breach, a new title focusing on co-operative dungeon crawling. The game is being developed by QC Games and should enter the Early Access at the beginning of next year. While Breach ...[Read More]

We. The Revolution – An Incredible Game about Courtroom Drama

If you prefer games with strong narration that require a lot of quick thinking and making the right choices, you will love We. The Revolution. No, there is no mistake with the full stop as that is the exact name of the new game that we are expecting on March 21st, 2019. You can add it to your wish list on Steam now. There is no doubt that We. The Revolution sounds like an incredibly intriguing gam...[Read More]

The Game Awards 2018 Will Announce More Than 10 New Releases

The Game Awards are an excellent opportunity for developers to get recognition and gamers to see what extra options they could exploit to have some fun during the holidays. The 2018 edition is just over a week away and we are excited to see which title will become the next Game of the Year. Aside from that, this year’s awards will also have some thrilling announcements. In fact, Geoff Keighley rev...[Read More]

Golf Battle Review: A Golf Game with a Fun Twist

If you ask me, only casual games should be developed for mobile phones. It is just the type of device for this sort of games – grab it whenever you want, play for a couple of minutes (or hours) and have fun without too much thinking involved. Golf Battle is one of those games – it is simple to learn, but it has a huge replay value and addictiveness level. Although it is sports-themed, it is perfec...[Read More]

Battletech: Flashpoint Is the First Paid Expansion of the Base Game

It has been seven months since the original Battletech has been released. The turn-based strategy featuring mechs has had huge success and now it is time for the first paid expansion. Battletech: Flashpoint features a huge content update with plenty of new options. Its default price on Steam is $19.99, but there is a 10% discount valid until December 2nd. Although you probably assumed, we should m...[Read More]

Red Dead Online Might Feature a Battle Royale Mode

Take Two and Rockstar managed to meet the deadline that they set themselves when it comes to releasing Red Dead Online. It is the online mode of the Red Dead Redemption 2 and the beta version actually starts today. Everyone is asking about the potential modes that you will have the chance to play. According to the inside information you can find online, one of the modes will be based on Battle Roy...[Read More]

Ring of Elysium Finally Implements Europe-Based Servers, Not Without Issues

If you are a fan of snowboarding or winter in general and you also love playing Battle Royale games, the chances are that you are excited about Ring of Elysium. This BR shooter has finally been released on its servers in Europe. This is important news for those already playing the game. Up until today, gamers from Europe had to play on servers located in North America. That spoiled the game for pl...[Read More]

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

If you played the original, you will know that this is a wild-west themed release where you play an outlaw. It’s been eight years since the initial RDR, but when you compare the games, it seems like decades. Not that the original is bad, but the sequel is just that good. The main storyline takes about 60-70 hours, but Red Dead Redemption 2 also has exceptional replay value and can easily engage yo...[Read More]



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Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Open World Game of The Year

How do you write the review of a game when everything you want to say comes down to a single sentence – it might be the best game of all time! Red Dead Redemption 2 united the reviewers from around the globe and they all admit that Rockstar made a phenomenal title that will be remembered for a long time to come. So, with that in mind, here is an overview of RDR2.