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Besides programming and cars, I love video games and I have a huge passion for tech. That's why I'm up to date with every new thing that comes out. In my spare time I write because I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people.

Project BBQ Announced As a 3D Sequel to Dungeon Fighter Online

Don’t you just love games that get announced on Christmas day? It is like you are getting a present for the holidays. The latest announcement is present for fans of action RPG genre who will soon get to play a new online game called Project BBQ. The official reveals occurred in South Korea where Dungeon & Fighter Carnival was taking place. According to the available information, Action Studio ...[Read More]

Apex Legends Has More Than 25 Million Players; Reaches Peak of 2 Million Concurrent Gamers

When Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends on January 31st, the initial reaction of the gaming community was confusion. It was a game set in the Titanfall Universe, but without any clue of the Titans. However, that didn’t stop millions to give the new Battle Royale a fair shot, which is why they had more than a million players in only eight hours. The crucial thing for Apex Legends was waiti...[Read More]

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Is As Dark As Much As It Is Beautiful

When you are not logged into Steam, and you try to open pages of certain games, the system will ask you for age verification. If you come across something like that, you know that the game in question is pretty dark. That’s just the case with Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the new release created by Ninja Theory. You might know the developers from such titles like Devil May Cry and Heavenly Sword, ...[Read More]

The Free Open Week for Total War: Arena Has Just Started

The Total War franchise has been around for over a decade, and it might be hard to keep track of all the installments in the series. However, there was one edition that attracted our attention when it was announced. Everything sounded great – it was the first free-to-play TW title that should focus entirely on multiplayer. It turns out the announcement occurred over four years ago, and the news ab...[Read More]

Download Size and Other Important Features of Forza Horizon 4

Are you looking forward to the release of Forza Horizon 4, the latest installment in the successful racing franchise? If that is the case, you will surely be eager to know the information about the required space on the hard disk and the download size of the game. This info was officially shared on the Microsoft store where you can also purchase FH 4. At this moment, the download size of Forza Hor...[Read More]

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Reveal Scheduled for April

It has been a rough ride for the Electronic Arts and the Star Wars franchise, but things seem to be getting at the right track finally. Respawn has been working on the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order relentlessly and it seems that they are making some progress. As PC Gamer revealed, we can expect the official reveal of the game in April. The date we are looking for is April 13th, which will be the mi...[Read More]

The Third and Final Spider-Man Expansion Available Next Week

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an amazing hit on PlayStation 4 and it turned out to be a great move to make this game a console exclusive. You probably already know that the additional content for the game is being released gradually and we are now only a week away from the last DLC planned (at least for this year). According to the announcement, the expansion is set to arrive on 21st December. It will be...[Read More]

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Everyone Wished For Is Now Out

The Standalone Version Of Gwent Thrives With New Features If you’ve played the third sequel of The Witcher series, you probably remember GWENT, the card game you could play within the game. There is no doubt that GWENT is popular among the fans, but there were a couple of eyebrows raised when CD Projekt Red decided to publish a game that will focus on the mentioned card battles. Now, when there is...[Read More]

You Will Need 45GB of Hard Drive Space If You Want to Play Fallout 76 Beta

We are gearing up for the beta release of Fallout 76, the new game that Bethesda is working on. If you are an Xbox One owner, you might have a reason o celebrate as you will have an entire week of advantage ahead of other players. Although that may be an opportunity to brag to your friends that you played Fallout 76, it won’t bring any true competitive advantage compared to other beta players sinc...[Read More]

Anno 1800 Will Have a Public Beta Only Days Before the Release

Are you a fan of city builders? Do you prefer franchises that have a long tradition? Are you looking for a series that is taking you to another period of history with its every new installment? If you answered yes to the above questions, you are the perfect fit for the Anno series, developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. We are happy to announce that Anno 1800, the latest addition to the ...[Read More]

Top 6 Most Anticipated Games in February 2019

Although it starts in good spirits, January knows to be the longest month of the year when it comes to the subjective feeling. Fortunately, February is finally here, and it promises many good games across all platforms. Here are top six most anticipated releases for the upcoming month. Anthem Whether you like Electronic Arts or not, you cannot deny that they make AAA releases that are often nothin...[Read More]

Microsoft Set to Extend Exclusivity Deal for PUBG on Xbox One

Microsoft is currently negotiating with Bluehole, the developer of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, to prolong their exclusivity deal for the console edition of the game on Xbox One. PUBG is one of the most successful games released this year, and it quickly became a favorite among thousands of players around the world. Considering that it is already on a massive scale regarding the number of pe...[Read More]