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Besides programming and cars, I love video games and I have a huge passion for tech. That's why I'm up to date with every new thing that comes out. In my spare time I write because I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people.

Top 7 Thermal Pastes in 2018 – What To Buy and How To Use Them

New games and software seem to be designed to push the core of our devices to the max. It seems easy to overwhelm your PC these days and all that might cause underperformance of your CPU or GPU. One of the causes for that can be increased temperature of your core. That is where the best thermal paste, one of those you will find in our review section below, comes to the rescue. This compound is abl...[Read More]

Best Gaming Desks in 2018 – Top 15 Picks for all Budgets

The equipment gamers need has exceeded the standard keyboard + monitor + mouse combination for a long time now. Today, you need headphones, high-quality chairs, and gaming desks that can fit multiple monitors. We will focus on the latter on in this article. If you play for hours every day or you intend to become a professional player, you will need a high-quality workstation. But it’s not an easy ...[Read More]

Best Gaming Chairs in 2018 – A Complete Guide With Detailed Reviews

Would you like to improve your performance when playing games? Why not consider buying one of the best gaming chairs in 2018? The manufacturers learned what gamers appreciate over the years and now you have a choice of hundreds of different products. It’s hard to pick the ideal model for your need and that is where this article comes in. I will try to help you make the right selection among all th...[Read More]

Best Gaming Keypads in 2018 – Finding the Right One for You

Have you heard of gaming keypads? If you are a professional gamer or you intend to become one, they might become your new best friend. If you have hours of experience playing online, I’m sure you’ve noticed that using the keyboard is tricky and uncomfortable. It’s hard to reach the right key at the right time, and you often end up feeling annoyed because you pressed the wrong button. That is where...[Read More]

Street Fighter X Tekken and Skullgirls Available in Humble Brawler Bundle

Humble Bundle is an incredible store. They enable players to try some excellent games at a small cost, while also securing that the developers expand the fan base for their releases. On top of all that, charity is what gets them going, and they’ve collected over $100 million for people that need it the most. We can’t help but love this store, and they now have one more surprise for us. The latest ...[Read More]

Sea of Thieves Will Be Available with Xbox Game Pass in March

If you are a dedicated console gamer, you already know that Xbox Game Pass is a sweet deal you can’t afford to refuse. The latest addition to the lineup of over 100 games that offer unlimited play to monthly subscribers is the Sea of Thieves. We are sure you’ve heard of this highly anticipated online co-op game that will put you in the role of a pirate crew member. A maximum of four players can bo...[Read More]

Season 3 of Fortnite Kicks Off – Here Are the Rewards Expecting You!

Dear Fortnite players (including myself), the third season of the Battle Royale game has officially begun on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The latest major update brings an entirely new Battle Pass. It cost 950 V-Bucks (in-game currency), and it features 30 all-new tiers. That means there is now a total of 100 tiers available. However, the developers Epic Games emphasize that this doesn’t chang...[Read More]

Fever and Militia Crates: New Cosmetic Additions to PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seems to be as popular as ever. The addictive Battle Royale shooter has been the leader of the gaming market for months, and the developers are doing all they can to keep things that way. That is why they are continually adding new stuff to the mix and surprising players with new extras. The latest change that was made might be of cosmetic nature, but there is no doub...[Read More]

Dead Space Available in the Origin Store for Free

Electronic Arts can be generous from time to time. This seems to be the period of the year when they are in a good mood for giving. If you head to the Origin store (which is owned by EA), you can find a free game for download. As you can see, it is Dead Space, the successful zombie slasher from 2008. The game is being given as part of “On the House” promotion that EA started a while ago. This migh...[Read More]

You Can Play Final Fantasy XV Demo on PC Today!

It has been over a year since Final Fantasy XV appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It got positive reviews, but it still left PC players wanting to play the game. Now, the release date set for the March 6th, 2018, is getting closer and Square Enix wants to raise the hype among PC gamers. That is why they decided to make the demo version of FF 15 available for a free download. As of today, you ...[Read More]

Superhot Leads the Lineup of Xbox Live Gold Free Games for March

We are counting the days to March, and it is the right time to reveal the list of games that Microsoft made available for free to the Xbox Live Gold subscribers. As usual, members will be able to download a total of four new games during the month – two for Xbox 360 and two for Xbox One. Trials of the Blood Dragon is probably the most intriguing titles of all. It is a crossover between Far Cry and...[Read More]

Fortnite Battle Royale Season Three Starts – List of Updates

PUBG marked the era of the incredible popularity of Battle Royale games. Other developers soon followed, and one of the best releases recently is undoubtedly Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games did an excellent job, and enabled battles for up to 100 opponents split into teams or individually. The season three of the game started only a couple of days ago, so let’s see what improvements we can expec...[Read More]