Atlas Early Access

Atlas Has Too Many Technical Issues Even for a Game in Early Access

Although we had been looking forward to playing Atlas a couple of days earlier (the game was unexpectedly delayed at the last minute), we were still delighted when the game was finally released. Unfortunately, the excitement of the gaming community faded after a short while and for a good reason.

Grapeshot Games seems to have released an unpolished game. Although the developers did pinpoint it as an Early Access game, the problems with the instability of the servers and lag seem too severe to handle. This reflected on the users’ feedback and the game has received mostly negative reviews on Steam so far.

A Vast Array of Problems

An even bigger problem for Grapeshot Games than server instability is the resemblance with Ark: Survival Evolved. Those who tested the game claim that it is simply a reskin of Ark – they go even further and pinpoint that this was probably an MMO planned for that franchise. According to them, the studio just reshaped and add a bit of the pirate formula into the equation. They claim that they have found multiple locations where you can see clear motives from Ark, such as a hidden menu.

There are Atlas’ features who received negative reviews, too. For example, you need to stay alive by securing sufficient intake of four vitamins – A, B, C, and D. The players report this can be a hassle, but there is also the problem of dying of starvation if you keep eating just a single vitamin.

Ocean of Lag Rather Than Water

When it comes to problems with the lag, the best portrayal may be an experience that a user called Joanna had.

“I found myself in the ocean after being spawned. While I tried to reach the shore, I died because of the lag.”

The Neverending Server Connection Problems

Numerous users report that they had problems connecting to the server. Some that selected low visual settings said that Atlas looked terrible and like a game from a decade or two ago.

As we mentioned, Grapeshot did emphasize this is an Early Access game, but it seems like the developers were too early with the release. We can expect numerous patches that will fix these issues but expect things to move slowly because the planned time to spend in Early Access is two years.

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