Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

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It was weird to spend more than a year without playing a new Assassin’s Creed installment. Ubisoft decided to allow us to experience the feeling of missing the historical action-adventure franchise. And there were some moments when I honestly desired a new game, like after watching the below-average AC movie. Fortunately, the developers know that there is still a lot of potential in the series, which is why they released Assassin’s Creed: Origins a few days ago.

Destination: Ancient Egypt

In the new game, you assume the role of the last Medjay called Bayek. He is a member of the military that is protecting the Pharaoh and keeping order in the area. However, the events in his life (no spoilers, play the game) turned him into a person hungry for vengeance. That motive will send him on a journey that will make him the first member of the Brotherhood.

It’s nice to see that Bayek isn’t disrupted by revenge any more than he should be. Unlike Talion who is a pretty dark character, our new hero is angry at his foes, but only because he can’t understand why anyone would want to harm a child (even if that child is a boy-king). Although he looks for vengeance, Bayek also knows how to smile occasionally.

The Supporting Cast

He probably has to thank his wife for the fact that he remained firm. That’s right, Bayek has a marriage that functions flawlessly, and Aya is his most significant help on the way. They will occasionally argue, but it’s evident that Bayek couldn’t make it without Aya, notably because she will kill some of the targets to make his vengeance easier.

Assasins Creed Origins GameplayAs for the opponents, their stories are also well written. Most of the targets have motivations that we can understand, while some of the villains are evil for no reason, just like in real life. Assassin’s Creed Origins strikes a proper balance to ensure that you enjoy facing every foe in the game.

How Different Is the Gameplay?

When Ubisoft was announcing the game, they mentioned that we could expect modified gameplay. While that is true, the changes can’t be considered an overhaul, but they are a step in a new direction. Let’s start with the combat. You will now use a combination of light and heavy assault on the offensive end, while you will be able to dodge or block the opponent’s attack when defending. You can also use your analog stick to lock the desired target.

Assasins Creed Origins Horse RidingThe overall experience of one on one combat is satisfying. Everything is the way you expect it to be, including saving heavy attacks for tricky opponents, as well as dodging and then counter-attacking to take advantage of the fact that the rival has his shield down. As for ranged combat, you can use bow and arrow, sleep darts, firebombs, and other weapons. Unfortunately, things can quickly go south when you are facing multiple opponents. It’s sometimes darn hard to survive, particularly if you are not aiming well.

Microtransactions – the Elephant in the Room

Assassin’s Creed Origins has a premium in-game currency in the form of Helix Credits. Before that makes you give up on the game, please read the following lines. Despite the fact that microtransactions are an option, you can play the game and complete the storyline without making a purchase. You might improve your gaming experience with new weapons you can buy, but upgrading the existing ones is enough to push through the entire quest.

Assasins Creed Origins EagleOrigins also implement a progression system that adds an RPG element to the game. As you complete objectives and kill the targets, your character’s level will increase. Each leveling up brings Bayek an improvement in damage or health areas, as well as some ability points. You can use these points to choose how you will develop your character by your playing style.

Are You a Warrior, Seer, or a Hunter?

Hunter abilities influence your skills for ranged combat. For example, you can learn how to change the direction of the arrow while it is in midair or even slow down time to aim better. Warrior skills will improve your close combat abilities, but we liked the Seer tree. It unlocks new weapons such as poisons and firebombs, and it even teaches you how to tame animals.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is an open-world game, and you can expect a lot of running and jumping around. Fortunately, there is a lot of content available in the in-game world. The enemies you take down will drop loot, and you can also look for treasure chests that contain new weapons, including various types of swords and bows.

Assasins Creed Origins CombatEach of the arms has a rarity level. There are three tiers – Common, Rare, and Legendary, but the good news is that you can upgrade your standard melee or bow by merely going to a blacksmith. That will unlock new perks, but still, enable you to use your favorite weapon. While exploring the Ancient Egypt, you will also look for resources that allow you to craft items that improve Bayek’s abilities, such as carrying extra weapons or increasing health.

The Beauty of the Ancient World

The graphics of the game are breathtaking and the level of detail the developers provided when it comes to portraying the Ancient Egypt is incredible. The deserts, oasis, pyramids, and other structures that make you feel like you are in Egypt are all there. And let us just tell you that the game also portrays two wonders of the Ancient World. Do you know what the best part is? You can climb them!

The in-game open world is vast, and it offers a total of 34 regions. You will visit 21 of them for the primary campaign, but you can explore the others and complete side quests, which are also detailed. It will take you about 30 hours to finish the game, but there is no reason not to enjoy it for a lot longer because it is fantastic!


  • A huge and beautiful open-world with a great setting
  • Updated mechanics along with new ones add a fresh feeling to the game
  • Bayek is a interesting lead character and the story is intriguing
  • A lot of side-stories and quests that make the game even more engaging


  • Combat is often awkward and feels heavy-handed
  • After a few hours in, the game feels rather easy
  • Technical problems appear quite often


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