A New MMO with Battle Royale Add-On Ashes of Creation Delayed for “Months”

Ashes of Creation Delayed

Ashes of Creation is a new MMO release developed by Intrepid Studios. The company was formed in 2015, and its veteran developers have some great games in their portfolio. The list includes the X-Com and Call of Duty franchises, as well as Star Wars Galaxies, and EverQuest.

Despite all that experience, there seem to be some problems in the development of the Ashes of Creation. The latest information from the studio informs us that we shouldn’t expect the first alpha to be available before late summer.

Although we should have had the chance to test the game sooner, it seems that Intrepid is forced to keep the game hidden from the public to continue making it playable. The fact that the developers delayed an alpha tells us that there is plenty of work ahead to fulfill the expectations of the players and the company itself.

Steven Sharif, the creative director of Intrepid, revealed this in a letter on the official website. According to him, it will take “months” for the alpha to release.

A Huge and Ambitious Project

We cannot undermine the fact that Ashes of Creation is a massive project. It should have a government that will be led by the players, large cities, and castle sieges with no less than 200 players.  Apart from that, it will also feature a Battle Royale add-on called Apocalypse. In the add-on, you will get to participate in castle sieges with no less than 200 players.

Sharif explained the delay by the discoveries they made during the testing period of the Apocalypse BR add-on.

It is a shame that we will need extra patience to put our hands on the exciting new game. We can only hope that Intrepid will use the coming months smartly and present us with a great title.

If anything is encouraging, it is that finances should be a problem. We concluded that because the studio is looking for new hires to help on the Ashe of Creation development.

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