Artifact Beta

Artifact’s Beta Will Not Be Available Until November

Artifact is a new card game that is based on Dota, the franchise we all know and love. It doesn’t come as strange that it gathered a lot of attention, especially since Valve initially planned to release a semi-public beta by the end of October. However, it seems that the studio’s plans changed as they pushed back the beta release to November 19.

This is a significant delay and, if you were waiting to test Artifact, we assume that you are not thrilled. If there is any good news in the entire story, it is that the full version release date still hasn’t changed and remains to be November 28.

Artifact beta will be semi-public, which means that it will be open for those who had signed up at the industry events organized by Valve or signed up via their social media pages.

What Can We Expect from Artifact?

In its essence, it will be a card collectible game inspired by Dota 2. It is interesting to note that Richard Garfield, who created Magic: The Gathering designed the game. Since Artifact will be released by Valve, it is only expected for the cards trading and selling to occur on the Steam Marketplace.

According to the publishers, the game will be released for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. However, the version for mobile devices is set to follow in 2019 while the owners of other mentioned platforms will get the chance to play the game in November.

Artifact will offer one on one battles with a deck of cards that you collected by trading or purchasing. You can win a match by either destroying two towers or knocking down an Ancient structure which will appear after the destruction of one tower. It will feature over 280 cards, including more than 40 heroes. Players can also expect competitive events, expansions, and even new features to be added along the way. The game will be available for playing in single and multiplayer and it will feature in-app purchases.  You can find out more about the game on its official Steam page.

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