Apex Legends Milestone

Apex Legends Has More Than 25 Million Players; Reaches Peak of 2 Million Concurrent Gamers

When Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends on January 31st, the initial reaction of the gaming community was confusion. It was a game set in the Titanfall Universe, but without any clue of the Titans. However, that didn’t stop millions to give the new Battle Royale a fair shot, which is why they had more than a million players in only eight hours.

The crucial thing for Apex Legends was waiting to see if those players were there to stay. While the jury is still out on that question, it seems that the game has no intention of slowing down when attracting new players. If you judge by the statistics published by Electronic Arts, the title currently has more than 25 million players.

We know that these statistics can be a bit off due to repeated accounts and things like that, but any way you look at this information, it remains impressive. But there is more! According to the same article, Apex Legends also had 2 million concurrent players over the weekend. That is the current game’s peak and another reason for guys at Respawn to be delighted.

It seems that the game exceeded the expectations of everyone at the studio. How would you explain that they hid any information about the development of the game? The only reasonable explanation is the authors feared that the community wouldn’t like the title, but fortunately for them, they were wrong.

Holding the Throne of Twitch

Here are some more statistics about Apex Legends – the game averaged more than 250,000 viewers on Twitch last week, which is more than double of what Fortnite had (109,000) and considerably more than League of Legends (140,361).

The future of the game undoubtedly depends on the post-launch content, and we have some cool announcement for now. We expect a battle pass and the first season in March, and players can hope for some cool, unique loot dedicated to Valentine’s Day in the meantime. Twitch streamers will also have a chance to play in some kind of a showdown. And if you want to give the game for free, you can join via the official website.

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