What You Can Expect from Anthem in the Next Three Months – A Roadmap

Anthem Roadmap

Some of us were playing Anthem for over a week, but it is now official – the game is officially available for the entire gaming community. The initial player impressions are a mixture of love and hate with some players loving the game and others emphasizing that it has plenty of issues.

If gameplay depends on individual preference, we have only the developers to blame for technical problems, and Anthem has plenty. We do hope that the recently revealed roadmap will take the experience of playing the game to the next level.

Chad Robertson from the live service department of BioWare shared what the company has planned in the near future.

“We need to put in a lot of effort to further enhance the game,” said Robertson. He emphasized that he is satisfied with how Anthem looks at the moment because he is certain that the game has a deep world, tempting lore, meaningful characters, and exciting gameplay. According to Robertson, that should secure a bright future for their release.

Overview of Upcoming Months

As a part of “improving the game even more,” here is what the studio has planned for the following three months:

  • February – free new events named There Be Giants, Outlaw Outrage, and Shaper Surge.
  • March – the return of the two events that were available in February (the first two mentioned above), as well a cosmetic addition in the form of Elysian Stronghold caches, and the initial phase of Legendary Missions.
  • April – restructured progression update called the Mastery System. Return of the Shaper surge event, the second phase of Legendary Missions, and The Sunken Stronghold. We can also expect regular stronghold challenges, leaderboards, and support for guilds in April.
  • May – a high-level world event called Cataclysm that will end Act 1 of Anthem. We can expect tempting mysteries, new items, dangerous enemies, and even extreme weather conditions.

We only mentioned content updates, but BioWare emphasizes that they will continue working on adding new challenges, as well as ironing out bugs and making other improvements. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the content that is currently “Cortex Locked.” We like to think that the studio has more surprises for players around the corner. No, we don’t think they haven’t revealed anything because they do not know what their moves will be.

Did you like this brief look at things to expect in Anthem? If you need more information, stay tuned and make sure to follow the social media pages of the company.

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