Anthem Patch

Anthem Gets Another Major Patch – Is It Enough to Fix the Game?

You could feel the anticipation before Anthem was released, but the exact scenario many of us were afraid of happened. The initial release of the game wasn’t so great, which is why BioWare is now forced to work hard on updates. One of the biggest patches that updates Anthem to version 1.0.3 was released today.

The patch changes a lot of things starting from respawning timers up to loot modifications and audio improvements. One of the crucial changes is a 10-second timer for respawning added to any missions that have nothing to do with the endgame content. When it comes to endgame tasks, the respawn restriction is now set to 30 seconds, which means you can expect that timer in Legendary Contracts and Strongholds.

A positive change was made when it comes to the loot because players who reach level 30 won’t receive green (uncommon) and white (common) drops anymore.

Apart from that, the new Anthem patch brings us a bunch of gameplay improvements. BioWare claims they have fixed various problems that were leading to connection loss on crashes on multiple platforms.

As for other interesting changes, we like that you can now head on an expedition from any point of Fort Tarsis and the launch bay. You can check out the complete list of updates on this page.

A Lot of Problems Still Remain

Anthem still has a lot of issues that are waiting to be fixed. Some of the crucial ones are the problem of tracking challenges properly, as well as the issue with stormy weather and javelin thrusters’ graphics effects.

BioWare has a huge problem because the community has been complaining of numerous technical and gameplay problems. They even had a bug that led to the consoles shutting down if you were playing on PlayStation 4. With an extensive testing period behind them, it is hard to believe that they managed to make such an ugly game. And no, we are not overreacting, and we can only hope that these patches will improve things.

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