Anthem Microtransactions

Anthem Should Have Been a Free to Play Game, but Might End up with Expensive Microtransactions

The release of Anthem is less than a month away, and the beginning of February also enabled all the players who purchased the game to try it via the closed beta. While many fans can’t wait to play the full version, others are worried about the microtransactions. That is understandable considering that Electronic Arts are the studio that will publish the game and they have a history filled with loot boxes controversies. It seems that they won’t be able to escape that issue this time either.

According to what you can read on Reddit, the prices of planned microtransactions are not encouraging. The screenshot showing the cost shows that you need to pay 2000 shards for an armour pack. Shards are the in-game currency, and their estimated cost should be $1 per 100 shards. Simple math will be enough to calculate the price of armour packs is roughly $20.

The interesting thing is that Chris Schmidt on BioWare posted that these rates are something the company has considered. However, he pinpointed that there is room for adjustment.

“We change various aspects of the game every day, and that includes economy design,” said Schmidt and emphasized that the studio hasn’t made a final decision regarding the costs of microtransactions.

While we are discussing the ideas that the company had while developing the game, an interesting piece of information appeared out of nowhere. According to Comic Book, BioWare even considered making Anthem free to play.

The reason why they discussed this model is the huge success of Fortnite. However, even the studio admitted it seemed it would be better for their finances to move away from the free to play mode.

“At the end of the day, you need to have a business that makes a profit. We also want to deliver top-quality live service for people who buy our game. Our research confirmed that the players prefer an entry cost and a generous model regarding content than accessing the game for free and then having to pay for all sorts of fees to have solid gaming experience,” said the lead producer of Anthem Ben Irving.

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