Anthem Alpha Stage

Anthem Is a New Bioware Game That Reminds of Destiny and It Is Ready for Alpha Testing

When someone has made classics such as Baldur’s Gate and Mass Effect, it is only natural that you are looking forward to every next game they are making. We believe that passionate gamers already recognized that the studio we are talking about is Bioware and this time we have news about Anthem, an action role-playing game that will be played in a shared world.

According to the announcement the studio made via their official blog, everything is ready for the alpha testing phase.

“We finished the phase of implementing segments into Anthem. We are looking forward to proceeding to a stage where we will focus on fixing bugs and testing if everything works properly, as well as fine-tuning the game to meet and exceed the expectations of a community.”

It seems that Bioware has huge ambitions for their new game, so it doesn’t come as strange that they want to give their best to prevent any potential slip-ups. At the moment, there is no official confirmation when the alpha phase testing will begin, but everyone expects it to happen rather soon.

Is It A Copy of Destiny?

Do not ask that question to anyone from Bioware, especially not Casey Hudson, the studio’s General Manager. Anthem is a game in which you will fight violent aliens coming at you at huge numbers. Your only goal is to survive, but you do get to use some cool technology, equipment, and armors. When you put things like that, you cannot neglect that there are some similarities to Destiny. However, Hudson says that they have different expectations from their release.

“I can’t neglect that Destiny is a great game if you like the gameplay based on shooting and looting. Are you asking me if we can implement that type of mechanic and combine it with some of the role-playing game attractiveness that Baldur’s Gate has? That sounds interesting and that is something that we are intrigued to do.”

All this sounds extremely interesting and we are excited to get our hands on Anthem. At this moment, it seems like that won’t happen before next year. Bioware recently confirmed that February 2019 is set as a date when we can expect the studio to release the game’s demo.

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