We Have a Map of the New World and Even a Gameplay Video!

A total of nine minutes of New World’s gameplay has been published online. In case you haven’t heard of it, it is a new massive multiplayer online game developed by Amazon Studios. The release is currently in the testing beta phase behind the closed doors, but a video reveals a player moving through the in-game world. Although it is clear that is still an early phase of game development, it was still exciting to see everything in action.

New World’s developers went with third-person perspective while some features were right along the lines of what we expected. When you attack an enemy, you will notice that the numbers are coming out of them, which actually shows the success of the assault. You also have an ability gauge located at the lower part of the display. The other thing that we found on is that finding and collecting resources will be an important part of this release. You will also get to craft items, but what is interesting is that you will need specific tools for particular pieces. For example, if you want to extract metals, you will need a forge.

A Game Full of Action

When it comes to the battle part of the game, there will be a lot of action. Players will get to face animals, as well as supernatural creatures. In the trailer video, it seems like the player was attacked by a zombie. However, there are almost no buildings in the in-game world, which probably means the developers still have to add them.

Another feature that we haven’t seen in action is the forming of alliances. In the New World, they will be called companies, but we do not know how they will function. We assume that players can both make and break guilds, but there are no details of that in the video. However, the most exciting thing that we can see is the New World’s map. It seems that you get to see a big portion of the playable area along with the types of environment. The game features grassland, forest, mars, highlands, and shrubland. You can also see crests, which may be an indicator of which territory belongs to which faction.

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