New World

Amazon Invites Alpha Testers to Try Their New MMO Called “New World”

If you were having doubts that Amazon is a truly large company, they’ve once again demonstrated their business’ sheer size. Among other things, Amazon has decided to let their Game Studio create nothing less than a huge massive multiplayer online game called New World. The latest news related to this game involves even more screenshots offered on their official Twitter page, as well as important information about signing up to test the alpha release.

So, what can you see in the screenshots? First, you can notice that the game will include a wide variety of locations. There is no doubt that this is vital because it keeps the dynamics and replay value at a high level. Of course, it is critical for an MMO to provide plenty of content, but you also want to enjoy different locations and beautiful surroundings. The screens of the New World truly look impressive and incredibly detailed, which is a reason why we are looking forward to the full release.

Are you ready for more important news? If you visit the official website, you will have the opportunity to sign up for testing of the closed alpha version of the game. Some of us already had the chance to test the game at Gamescom, but if you want to be among the first ones to play the next alpha release, you should use the opportunity and register via the game’s website.

What Features Can You Expect in the New World?

New World will take you back to the 17th century where you will get to be a part of a savage world. You will need to join forces with other players to create fortresses that will be able to repel the gangs formed by other gamers. You also need to be ready to encounter bears and other wild animals, as well as to fight forces out of this world. According to reports, mixing magical elixirs and crafting different items will be an integral part of the in-game experience.

Ultimately, it seems that the New World allows players a large amount of freedom to decide what will happen in the in-game world. This is reason enough to give this game a shot once it arrives at the digital shelves. As for the release date, we do not have an official confirmation for now, but we hope that the game will be released until the end of 2018.

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