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All we know about Darksiders 3, release date, gameplay and more

Whether it was on purpose or by accident, it was Amazon who first announced that the third sequel of the apocalyptic hack-and-slash adventure Darksiders is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Although we didn’t get a precise release date, THQ Nordic soon confirmed that the game is planned for 2018. We even got a first gameplay video, so there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Darksiders 3.

First Things First

For those of you who don’t know, Darksiders is a successful franchise developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. The original entry was released in 2010, while the sequel followed two years later. The publishers never hid the fact that they wanted the third installment of the series. They teased the public on several occasions and even released a remastered version of the original game to see the reaction.

However, the problem was that the developer team went through some changes. You would think that making a successful franchise is enough to secure your future, but that is apparently not true. Vigil Games, the team that worked on Darksiders I and II, closed. But the majority of its members moved to a newly-founded Gunfire Games studio. It means that, even though another development team officially works on Darksiders III, it’s mostly the same people.

DS is a franchise that puts players into apocalyptic action with a lot of hack and slash and a bit of role-playing involved. In the first part, we’ve got the chance to play with War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The second installment used Death (another of the Horsemen) as its hero. However, the third part brings us something a bit different and puts you in the role of a woman for the first time in the franchise.

Destroy the seven deadly sins and restore balance to Earth

The main protagonist of Darksiders 3 will be Fury, a hot redhead who happens to be the only one that can restore the balance between good and evil on Earth. At least that’s what Charred Council thinks, considering that they are the one who decided to call this talented mage to help. The Seven Deadly Sins gained control over our planet and created their loyal base of followers in the form of degenerated beings and other mystical creatures.

We all know that seven deadly sins are lust, greed, gluttony, wrath, sloth, pride, and envy. All these sins will be portrayed in the form of rulers, so we might assume that they will be something like bosses within the game. The only one of the sins currently presented on the official website is Sloth. According to his description, he is a giant bug that prefers to sit on his throne while his minions fight to defend him. He even tortures them by making them move him inside his subway lair. However, once he decides to head into battle, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Who’s Fury?

That sounds pretty scary, but we also have a badass weapon in the form of our new favorite girl. Fury is the last female Nephilim and the only girl who is a Horseman of the Apocalypse. She rides a black horse whose name we still don’t know, and she wields a blade whip, although she also uses magic abilities to defeat enemies. Don’t be confused that we mentioned Fury is one of the Four Horsemen. It’s not that the author of these lines doesn’t know his mythology (or history), it’s just that the Darksiders’ lore changed the story as we know it.

darksiders 3 fury

As for the background check, we can say that Fury is an older sister to War, who is imprisoned after being accused of prematurely starting the Apocalypse. When Fury heard the news, she didn’t seem to have an emotional reaction, so we can assume she doesn’t care much for her younger brother’s faith. Either that or she has some deeper issues. Anyway, she has a thirst for blood, considering that she accepted the call from the Charred Council with a devious smile on her face.

When it comes to the looks, Fury is a badass redhead chick that knows how to make a punch or two. With that armor decorated in weird skulls, she perfectly fits with other riders. The game also goes in line with previous installments, considering that your goal will be to beat some sins’ minions until you reach the Majesties themselves.

The Gameplay

Hack and slash and overall action are still the core gameplay concepts. But, it seems that Darksiders 3 will also explore the puzzle element. The footage suggests that the puzzles will fit with the environment more, which can also be said for enemies. They won’t just jump out to fight you, but they will look like they belong there. While we are talking about foes, let’s mention that you will recognize some of them from the previous installments, while others will be brand new.

darksiders 3 gameplay

The idea Gunfire Games has is to make the in-game world more contextualized. For example, you will have collectibles all over the place, but you won’t feel that the chests you gather are out of place. Darksiders 3 will feature an open world, so there won’t be loading screens. The various parts of the map should be interconnected. You will battle everywhere from the heights of heaven all the way to the depths of hell. So, there should be a variety of environments in which you will fight your opponents.

The Swiss-Cheese concept

Another interesting thing is the ‘Swiss cheese’ idea the developers want to apply for the game design. The idea is that different areas are both logically and physically intertwined so that as you move through a certain environment, you will see glimpses of the places you already visited and the locations that await you. The fact that you can see the thing that is waiting right around the corner, but you just can’t reach it is what should keep you going through the game.

Despite the open-world, the story of Darksiders 3 should be pretty linear. Each of the deadly sins is the boss of a different environment. The cool thing is that every area will be the reflection of the Sin that’s ruling it. For example, in the part of the map controlled by Sloth, you can see more and more bugs as you go deeper into his territory.

Let’s return to the open-world design. DS 3 will use the Unreal engine, which brings some considerable improvements compared to the predecessors. Lighting, lava, and water all look a lot better, and there are some pretty impressive graphics. The verticality is also noticeable, so you can check out skyscrapers in the sky, or take a look down into the fiery hollow. Overall, the game’s presentation is fantastic, and players will surely enjoy exploring various environments.

Use your magic

Magic will be an important part of your dealing with the enemy. Up until now, we know that Fury will use magic to reveal her various forms. So, expect a lot from our girl in the Darksiders 3. We don’t know what exactly players will be required to do to change between forms. All we are aware is that each of them will bring a bunch of new weapons, abilities, and moves.

Depending on how the developers implement this aspect of the game, changing forms can significantly add to the strategy part of the otherwise open action and hack-and-slash game. We had the opportunity to see Fury decapitate a pretty huge creature with her magic whip. It’s nice to know that even the default weapon can serve its purpose.

The first gameplay video sees Fury in a city ruined by nature and Sloth and his minions combined. It also shows us that a whip will come in handy for platforming. Considering that Fury can use it to access new areas by swinging from branches.

Is there a specific release date?

If you head to the Amazon listing of the Darksiders 3, you will see that December 31st, 2018, is listed as the release date for the game. However, they probably set it to the last day of the year because they don’t have the confirmed date yet. On the other hand, according to Steam and other sources, the only sure thing is that we will be able to play the game during 2018. The good news is that PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC fans will all enjoy it. You can pre-order the game from their official website here.

Until then, you have a lot of material to refresh your memory or get to know the Darksiders franchise. THQ published a remastered version of the original game. They also made both games available in the exclusive Darksiders: Fury’s Collection package.  You have just enough of time to get familiar with the DS lore and prepare yourself for the upcoming game. It’s been long awaited by the fans from all over the world.

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