Alien: Blackout – Possibly the Next Game in the Alien Franchise

Alien Blackout

As soon as someone registers a new trademark, the public hears everything about it. That is one of the perks of modern technology that makes it hard for publishers and developers to hide anything. The latest in the line of studios that felt this is 20th Century Fox.

Although that may have disrupted the plans of the studio regarding the official announcement, this is actually good news for the gaming community. When we say that, we particularly mean Alien fans as the freshly registered trademark has to do with that franchise.

According to Destructoid, the trademark registered is named Alien: Blackout. The official request was sent on November 22nd and Fox is currently still waiting for a response. However, we know some keywords related to the listing and they include “PC game discs” and “downloadable software.” As for the latter, there is an indication about a download for both computers and mobile which may hint that a new game will be available on both stationary and portable devices.

When it comes to the existing releases in the Alien franchise, there is no doubt that Isolation was the most popular among the players. However, there is a small chance that the same development team will work on the game, especially since most of the Creative Assembly staff left the studio since then.

The Legend is in Charge

According to Kit Guru, the person in charge of this project could be Hideo Kojima. We assume that there is no particular need to tell you who the creator of Metal Gear Solid is, but he did emphasize that he left Konami so that he could take his work to the next levels.

We are already familiar that Death Stranding Still is a game Kojima and his team is working on. It doesn’t make sense that they would enter another project until that one is complete. However, Kojima heated things up with his announcement of the visit to Fox Studios. This visit occurred just a couple of days before Fox filed a trademark request for Alien: Blackout.

The gaming community is also aware that Geoff Keighley, one of the employees at Fox, is friends with Kojima. The rumors were further booster by Keighley who published on Twitter that the “Worlds Will Change” at the game awards on December 6th. There are some details in the image he published that could hint at the new Alien release, such as the big letter “W” in the corner. According to some gamers, it may be related to the Weyland Corp which we all know well from the franchise.

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