Agony Unrated

Agony Unrated Will (Finally) Release on October 31, According to Steam

Agony is a survival horror game intended to play in a single-player mode. It was released on Steam in May and, if you take a look at it, it is just another addition to the genre. However, the developers planned to make a hardcore survival horror that will be intended only for adults. That didn’t happen at the time due to some censorship and legal problems. Out of nowhere, Agony Unrated has been announced for release on October 31, 2018!

Some would say right in time for Halloween and they probably wouldn’t be wrong as what better to release on that holiday than an unrated horror game. But before we dig into the new release, let’s talk more about chronology.

So, everything started in May when Agony first appeared. There was some material that had to be censored for the release as it was too vivid, but Madmind Studio, the developer of the game, had announced that they would be releasing a patch that would turn the game into Agony Unrated. That didn’t happen at the time and, keeping in mind that the game didn’t receive great critics, everyone assumed the developers gave up. The studio explained the cancelation as a combination of legal, technical, and financial problems.

However, the new listing of Agony Unrated on Steam caught us all off guard. If the information is true, the game will be released on October 31 by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. Since there are no previous games on the author page, we assumed that this is a developer or the head person at the Madmind Studio and we were right as it later turned out that it is the Creative Director of the team.

The Full Package

When it comes to the content you can expect, for starters, there will be extra erotic animations. But what is more important, the new version will include many deleted scenes that had to be cut out due to the censorship problems. That means that all those that completed the original Agony will get some new scenes to play and enjoy.

To find the game listing on Steam, you will have to log in and set your filters to including the adult content.

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