Activision has been up to a lot these days, in addition to meddling their fingers to incorporate business from Blizzard. Since Crash Bandicoot’s N Sane Trilogy, we witnessed a madhouse of crazy, wacky remasters done by the company. N Sane Trilogy was first, followed by a Reignited Trilogy of Spyro the Dragon, and last year Crash got a new look with CTR Nitro-Fueled. And we’re not seeing any signs to suggest that the remasters will stop anytime soon.

In fact, they went public yesterday and stated that even more remasters were on the way for 2020 and 2021. So with a gigantic library to choose from, we’d like to look at some of the most beloved games and give them a small overview in this article. So here are our top 5 Activision games we would like to see remastered.

5. Tenchu Series

It’s kind of difficult to look at Sekiro and not, for instance, remind yourself of the Tenchu series. The game that by all means inspired From Software’s title deserves more praise than just being pushed to the sideline. And yes, this might be a bit breaking the rules, but you can’t just put one game in the series here. If we had to be honest with which particular game we would want to be remastered, it would have to be The Wrath Heaven.

Tenchu is, to this day, marked as one of the defining moments in the stealth genre, and one that many fondly remember. Set in a similar setting as Sekiro, but with a completely different narrative of its own, Tenchu could be a masterpiece with next-gen graphics. Add to that its brutal yet rewarding gameplay and the recipe is there.

4. The Movies

The Movies was a somewhat underappreciated game back in its day. The ability to seat in the managerial chair and control your own filming studio was never done before, and still hasn’t ever since. You could hire actors, directors, scriptwriters, and manage the media. You could create your own small-time blockbusters that generated a quick buck, or an Oscar-winning movie and performance.

It mimics that of our real-life cinema media, yet this one you can manage your own way. Want to create the next Disney studio? Go right ahead. Want to create your own version of a DC vs. Marvel film? The pleasure is yours. It is these kinds of things we want to experience again with a new polished look, and one that Activision should definitely consider.

3. Transformers Cybertron Games

Transformers hasn’t had a decent game in a good while. There were a few attempts and some surprisingly good ones, but none tipped the scale as much as the two Cybertron games. Consisting of War for Cybertron and the Fall of Cybertron, these two games shared similar gameplay and a connected story. For the first time ever, we got to see the war on the homeworld of the Transformers and how it all played out. Being the franchise’s top-rated games, these two look like an obvious choice to be brought back with a fresh coat of paint.

Focusing more on gameplay and multiplayer, this one could once again shake things up like it did when it released. Sadly, it came at a time when others were focused on more prominent titles and not licensed products. So maybe this time around, it might get the love and attention it deserves, if remastered.

2. GUN

Way before Rockstar went and conceptualized Red Dead Redemption, Activision took the Wild West to open fronts in its own cowboy tale. GUN wasn’t just another rich shoot-em-up. It was a tale that easily rivaled all GTA titles of the decade and one that managed to introduce many to the gruesome Wild West. It was GUN who later inspired games like Red Dead, Call of Juarez, and many more.

Yet a tale of vengeance, greed, and tradition was carefully crafted here. Where Red Dead centered its plot at the climax of the western era, GUN placed you right at its heart and center. The game hasn’t aged badly even by today’s standards, and while it may never rival RDR2, it’s a distinct piece of gold that should be given another chance.

1. Prototype

In 2009 there was a close competition between Prototype and Infamous. Both games had a similar premise, a similar attitude, and a similarly badass protagonist. By the end of the year, the dispute between these two never settled down. Yet where Infamous went on and spawned a few sequels, Prototype only had one. It was mediocre and not good enough to even compare to the original. So with Activision still owning the license, it’s time we got a remaster of this classic.

There isn’t so much to polish, as there is to add. More mission types, skills, mutations, and enemies. More options in terms of the character, and maybe two or three more boss fights. All in all, we see this as being the perfect game to receive a remaster. And with fans asking about the series to this day, we can see why. Activision, make this happen.

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