About Us


CharlieOscarDelta was founded by a handful of gaming and tech enthusiasts with the goal of providing our audience with fresh and interesting news coverage from both industries. Our team is still fairly small at this stage but don’t let our size fool you. We have more than 15 years of writing experience between us and plan to put it to good use as we try to build this website into some special.

In addition to news pieces from the worlds of gaming and tech, we also want to bring our readers insightful editorials, unbiased reviews, in-depth comparisons, and other forms of original content. While most similar websites tend to only cover the games themselves, our plan is to give equal importance to the hardware and software that helps bring them to life and allows us to enjoy them. This means you’ll often find us writing about game engines, modeling software, graphics cards, CPUs, peripherals, and much more.

Our skillset

Playing games
Wasting time
Writing reviews
Being sarcastic
Having fun