Dragon City Review: Social Point’s Most Successful Mobile Game

Dragon City

A Game That’s All About Dragons

Dragon City might seem familiar to you from Facebook, considering that this is where the game originated. After achieving great success on this media, Social Point decided to release the game for both Android and iOS devices and make It accessible for free for players from around the world. As the title suggests, Dragon City puts you in the role of a guy that wants to become a true Dragon Master.

It’s not an easy path, but it’s the one your character decided for, so it’s up to you to take him up the ladder by breeding different dragons. There are a whopping 500 of these creatures available, some of them are cute, while others are plain scary. It doesn’t matter which ones do you prefer because, if you want to fulfill the ultimate goal and complete the dragon book, you will need to collect them all!

Did You Know How to Breed Dragons?

The book might have taught you how to train your dragons, but what it missed is how to breed them. That is where Dragon City comes in and does a solid job. The game starts with a tutorial where an existing Dragon Master explains you the basics of the game. It’s nothing you haven’t seen so far. To build a particular creature type, you will need to build them an appropriate habitat. After you finish building the place for your new dragon to live in, you are going to need an actual monster. You start by buying one egg from which your firstborn creature will rise.

As I mentioned, the number of available dragons is currently around 500, but new species join the game every week through special events available in the game. Either way, let’s return to our only and favorite pet for now. You don’t have the option of naming your newly-hatched dragon, but the game will name it for you. I had the privilege of getting a Dragon named Koko, which I put in the habitat made especially for him.

Dragon City Gameplay

The next step is to keep your dragon fed as this is what will help him develop through levels and into an adult monster. That is where you encounter the first problem as you are the one that needs to secure enough food for your dragons. Building food farms is the way to go here, so prepare yourself for a game of Farmville meets monsters.

Why Would I Want to Breed Dragons?

You got me; I have no answer to this question unless it is – because you love dragons. Dragon City doesn’t have any plot whatsoever, but it’s not like it lacks things you can do. Perhaps the most interesting part of the game is mixing and matching your monsters. For example, you can take a fire dragon and put them in the same pen with a water dragon to see what’s going to come out of that.

The developers seem to be aware that players will need some motivation apart from “ooh, these dragons are cute!” to come back to the game. That is why they placed a bunch of objectives you need to fulfill in front of you. The better you are at completing these objectives, the quicker you will advance through levels.

The fun truly starts once you reach level 10. Although there is not a hint of it until then within the game (unless you read the game description at the app store or this review), you can actually battle other players in Dragon City. There are two modes available – Leagues and Tournaments, and both of them offer a multiplayer challenge for your dragons that can bring a lot of fun and rewards. Unfortunately, the combat is simplified and quickly gets boring. The fact that you can’t forever lose your dragons kills the excitement, so even the limit of three battles every six hours seems more than enough.

Do You Have the Most Beautiful City?

Aside from battles, the social component is involved in Dragon City when it comes to rewards, too. You have the option to visit your friends’ cities and help them by sending gifts, and they can also visit your habitat for dragons. That is why you can also focus to make your city the prettiest among all of your friends’ kingdoms. You have a bunch of decorations to help you do this, but it still falls short of offering true variety, especially when you notice that the maps for all players look similar, so the placement of decorations and the buildings is the only difference.

There’s not much you can do without connecting your Facebook account to Dragon City. You also cannot do a lot if you are not prepared to spend some real money, especially once you reach some higher levels in the game. Otherwise, you will have to be ready to invest a whole lot of time in the game to unlock new dragons.

Dragon City Guide

On the plus side, the game looks beautiful. The cartoonish style graphics are fitting for the game, and each of the dragons was designed with are. It’s nice to see them develop from a child monster into an adult creature able to scare the bejesus out of you.

Final Words

Dragon City is a game that has an interesting idea, but it lacks the true depth to be deemed fantastic. The positives are that you have a lot of dragons to breed and mixing and matching can be fun, but the downsides seem to prevail in the end. One important negative is that you don’t have enough options to edit the ‘city’ the way you want to. Instead, all cities look alike, so the title doesn’t seem fitting. Also, if you do get hooked on the game and enjoy breeding dragons, be prepared for the game to catch you off guard by making new creatures almost impossible to unlock unless you spend real money.

At the end of the day, Dragon City is nothing more than your average mobile building game with the social component included. Younger gamers will certainly find it more interesting, while the experienced one will probably get tired of playing after a couple of minutes, considering that it fails to offer anything unique or innovative.

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