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9 Games To Look Forward To Before 2021 Ends

9 Games To Look Forward To Before 2021 Ends

This time around CharlieOscarDelta would like to present to you, 9 games to look forward to before 2021 closes out and we enter a new exciting year in gaming

2021 was an awesome year for gaming. We got Resident Evil Village, Hitman 3, Deathloop, Psychonauts 2, Back 4 Blood, and much more. But I’m here to tell you, not only did the year start out strong, it will end on a string of high notes. So without further ado, here is a list of games to look forward to before 2021 clocks out.

Here are 9 games to look forward to before 2021 ends

9. Age of Empires 4

This might be just me, but it feels like forever since we got some proper new real-time strategy games. But this is about to change. Age of Empires is getting a first proper entry into the series since 2005. And what an entry AoE 4 could be. With 8 civilizations to play around, and the new mechanics concerning stealth and combating it. We will definitely get our fill of strategic action. Cannot wait to play “forest nothing” in AoE 4.

8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC

9 games to look forward to 2021

Animal Crossing has gotten a disappointing amount of love since it came out in 2020. People flocked New Horizons as it quickly became the viral sensation of this pandemic. But Nintendo has let this excitement fizzle out month by month. Players expected to get semi-frequent content updates, but Nintendo was quiet. But now Happy Home Paradise is coming to straighten this out. New characters, new furniture, new goals, the ability to customize light levels in each room, and even the ability to add ambient noise are coming. And they are very welcome!

7. Final Fantasy XIV Online Endwalker

If you play FFXIV you already know. If you do not, then you most likely do not care. So let me be brief. New locations, new dungeons, new stories, new gear. I could go on, and on, and on. Square Enix knocked it out of the park with FFXIV ever since they remade it with A Realm Reborn. Every single expansion before this one was a smashing success. With those devs at the helm, you will get your share of fun and more for sure.

6. Call of Duty: Vanguard

The beta has already shown what kind of game Vanguard will be. It will be Call of Duty again but in a World War II setting. And with an admittedly very loose approach to historical accuracy. If you like what Call of Duty did these past couple of years, you will like this one for sure.

5. Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond 

9 games to look forward to 2021

You might be wondering what this is doing this high up on this list. Well, this is my list. And Pokemon Diamond just happens to be a childhood favorite of mine. And I’m 100% excited to revisit one of my favorite regions in the Pokemon franchise.

4. Battlefield 2042

The newest DICE creation has suffered some backlash from long-term fans. The specialist system which replaced standard classes shakes things up in the newest Battlefield. But it also replaced something that was at the core of this series since the beginning. BF 2042 aims to shake things up gameplay-wise, so definitely check it out if you grew tired of the Battlefield formula.

3. Forza Horizon 5

9 games to look forward to 2021

I’m not a big racing game guy. But Forza Horizon 5 is looking like THE racing game. The graphics, weather effects, and car models all look simply stunning. If you are into hardcore racing simulators Forza will definitely meet your expectations. But what I find most exciting about the title is just how easy to get into it really is. And as a fan of whacky modes, arcade mini-games offer some exciting game modes for me and my buddies.

2. Shin Megami Tensei V 

Another entry into the Megami Tensei “mega-franchise”. Atlus is serving us yet another solid RPG game. This time with prettier graphics, a very interesting protagonist design, and no random encounters. And I couldn’t be more glad that they are going away. Also worthy of note is the fact that dungeons and overall exploration get deepened in this entry. This is exciting because SMT dungeon crawling was never that interesting.

1. Halo Infinite

9 games to look forward to 2021

There is a LOT to be excited about with the newest Halo. The multiplayer sandbox is coming in with fun levels from Halo 3. Halo 5 was hit and miss for a lot of people, and it missed a lot more than it hit. But Infinite will absolutely not be that. The new grappling hook gadget is fantastic and complements the new maps. And the fact that it is a gadget, something you have to fight for on the map, instead of something you bring into the match with you, is great! And the multiplayer component will be free-to-play.

And with that Halo comes in first in the list of 9 games I look forward to the most before the end of 2021. Be sure to check out for more of the latest from the gaming industry. And be sure to share your feedback in the comments!