It’s no secret that Warner Bros. Montreal is working on a new Batman title. It has been teased since 2018 that a new entry into the series would focus on the dark vigilante, but will be more in tone with Arkham Origins. And while not 100% confirmed, all fingers seem to point to a particular Batman story arc known as the Court of Owls. So with this new iteration of the caped crusader gradually being revealed, we would like to look at some of its details. A top 5 of things we would like to make their debut in this next title. So let’s get cracking.

5. The Talons

All this time the main tease of this new secret game was the aforementioned Court of Owls. For all those who don’t know, the Court of Owls is a criminal organization of some of the wealthiest and oldest families of Gotham. Influencing Gotham from the shadows, and resolving to some gruesome methods, this group is a different kind of opposing force for Batman. Back in 2019 during the 80th anniversary of the hero, images of the court’s logos were revealed. On top of that, tweets from both the studio and Batman’s author, Scott Snyder, reaffirm that they will at least play a significant part in the story. Hopes are high that this rumor is accurate, and not just a one-time thing to hype the masses.

4. Family Matters

The Bat-Family have always played a large role in the Arkham games. However, the center of it all was its main protagonist, and other members of the family are mostly left by the wayside in comparison to him. So it is integral that other members of the family have a larger purpose this time. Hell, let this game focus more on them. Since it is going for a prequel to Arkham Asylum, it could allow the players to go wild as Batgirl or Robin. Maybe introduce characters that were never featured like Batwoman, Spoiler, or Huntress. They could bring more variety and a lot more depth to the world. Which smoothly brings us to the next entry.

3. Justice League

Rocksteady has focused on the Dark Knight more than they should have. And while there is no sign of them stopping with Batman games, there will come a time when more characters need to enter the fray. Let these new games introduce some characters outside of Gotham City, but not just via small easter eggs. Have Batman meet some members of the Justice League, like The Flash, Green Lantern, or Superman. Why not let us interact with Wonder Woman and give her (finally) some on-screen time in her own game? The attention is all on Batman, and this should not be the case. While we do love more of these games, it’s time to give others an equal chance to shine in their own titles.

2. No More Joker

Maybe this is more a personal thing, but there is no doubt that the series is focusing on its main villain as much as on its hero. The Joker is in many people’s eyes the ultimate agent of chaos, one that utterly contradicts the vigilante. But he is also a bit overrated. Even when dead, he makes his presence in Arkham Knight. It’s time to stop. Grant us more of Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Ra’s al Ghul. Why not even introduce one of the best animated Batman villains, the Phantasm. Yes, they all have been given some time in previous games, but let the game focus on them. Let them be the secondary antagonist aside from the Court of Owls. Batman’s rogues’ gallery is as large as his list of gadgets and the freedom to choose any of them is there. Less maniacal psychos and more villains with actual motive and meaning would suffice.

1. The Batmobile

The Batmobile has always been a part of Batman’s culture. However, Rocksteady carefully avoided the implementation of this cult tank-car until their final game. And when it was introduced, it failed on so many levels. In the end, Arkham Knight built so much of its core gameplay around this feature, that it overdid it. Less detective mode, and more cruising around Gotham in this unpolished tank. It was wonky and didn’t quite sit well with everyone. So this should be polished as fast as possible. Not by removing the feature, but by making it more a secondary thing than a primary one. Let Batman be a detective and not a taxi driver. Add to that a more natural city environment full of NPCs, in which players can roam around, and this is a step in the right direction. While not many, these features can elevate this new title from just another Arkham game to a fresh new entry in the series.

Earlier today, WB Montreal has confirmed a reboot of the Batman Arkham franchise. So with their previous knowledge and this guideline, it could end up the best game in the series. A soft reboot was needed, but let us know your opinion on what should and shouldn’t be a part of it.

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