Indie Steam Games 2019

Hard to Find Gems: 5 New Steam Games You Should Try

Despite having some major competition in the last several months, Steam remains the gaming storefront that sells the largest number of games. It is hard to find your way through thousands of titles in this online store. That is why we decided to select five recently published Steam games that deserve a chance, and you probably haven’t tried them already.

1.      Undead Horde

As you will notice, we haven’t selected the biggest games that are constantly in the news. Instead, we looked for hard to find gems, such as Undead Horde. Although it is only an Early Access release, this game has received positive reviews from the community. You will play as a necromancer who is fighting for the rights of your folks since the living has exiled you. The game is primarily an action RPG, but it features the elements of hack and slash and strategy.

2.      Ruination

If you love classic side-scrolling platforms, you have to try Ruination. Do not expect anything spectacular, but keep in mind that the game costs less than $1. At that price, you will get a great little title that features 12 levels and three bosses. The game tries to be as challenging as possible, but the chances are you will complete it in a couple of hours.

3.      Tamashii

You can find many brilliant horror releases developed by indie studios, and Tamashii is the latest in the line of such titles. The players will have to navigate their way through a temple, which features puzzles and a dark tale. The game is not afraid of portraying nudity (nothing too vivid), and the music is what contributes to the atmosphere.

4.      Shotgun Farmers

Megastorm Games is behind this amazing addition to the first-person shooter genre. It features cartoonish and bright-coloured graphics, but expect a lot of action, too. The biggest selling point, however, is that Shotgun Farmers is a hilarious game! Oh, and it is multiplayer only.

5.      Ethereal

Here is an unusual release for all the puzzle lovers there. The minimalistic, but beautiful graphics will take you through various puzzles in Ethereal. It is interesting to note that the game is not that difficult, but it is still an excellent way to pass the time.

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