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Dungeons in Anthem Look Great and the New Javelin Is Super Agile

We are getting closer to the release of Anthem, a new game designed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It is exciting to follow the game’s T...[Read More]

Outward Is an RPG That Features Ritual Magic and Intriguing Survival Mechanics

With less than two months before its official release, we feel it is the right time to announce Outward. This RPG is characterized as a sandbox game f...[Read More]

Control Is a New Game by Creators of Max Payne and It Looks Great

Remedy, the studio known for brilliant games like Quantum Break and Max Payne, is working on a new intriguing title called Control. When it comes to g...[Read More]

Geneshift: How a Little-Known Indie Game Made the List of 10 Most Played Titles Ever!

A little-known indie game under the name Geneshift has reached the 10th place on the list of most played games in the history of Steam. There is nothi...[Read More]

WB Montreal Definitely Working on a New Batman Arkham Game?

We like teases and it seems like we are not the only one! Rocksteady and WB Games Montreal are fans of teasing two, especially when it comes to a pote...[Read More]

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Infinity Blade 3 APK Download – Play the Game for Free on Android

If anyone asked us whether we would ever see the Unreal Engine on mobile phones, we would say “not in a million years.” However, the technology advancement is a...[Read More]

Shadow Fight 3 Review: Addictive, Fun, and Unfair Fighting Game

When a franchise comes to the third installment, it’s only natural to assume that it possesses certain quality. That’s more than true for Shadow Fig...[Read More]

PES Club Manager Mobile Review – Does it reach the expectations?

It was two years ago when Takuya Kozuki spoke about Konami’s intention to focus on the mobile game market to keep the company competitive in the ever-changing d...[Read More]

Brawl Stars Brawlers And How To Pick The Right Character Everytime

Have you tried Brawl Stars yet? If you didn’t, head to the app store on your phone and download this incredible new gem of the MOBA genre to your device for fre...[Read More]

Frostpunk Preview: You Are the Only Hope for the Mankind to Survive the Ice Age

We just love when we encounter a promising indie release and Frostpunk has all the elements of being a fantastic game. The Polish developing team, 11 Bit Studio...[Read More]

7 Reasons Why You Should Play Brawl Stars Instead of Clash Royale

Supercell, the Finnish development team that produced numerous smartphone gaming hits, has a new release under the name Brawl Stars. The game was soft launched ...[Read More]

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Review – Can You Save the Princess?

Ever wanted to own a castle? That is what you can do in the new mobile role-playing game Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom, but there is a condition. The Abyss Lord...[Read More]

Fishing Clash Review: The Most Fun You Will Have with Catching Fish Ever!

Fishing is not a hobby for everyone. It takes a patient and tactful approach if you want to make a great catch. But all the time spent in the boat doing practic...[Read More]