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Marvel Contest Of Champions

It Takes Some Effort To Become The Best

I’m sure that you have always wondered how the best players rise on the leaderboard so quickly. No, it’s not that they have better skills than you; it is just that they haven’t been playing fair. While you spent your time and effort on the battlefield, they were either buying all the resources they need or using the Marvel Contest of Champions Hack to generate them.

And since you’re here, I’d say you can’t afford to take the first option. But nothing can stop you from using the available Marvel Contest of Champions cheats. After all, it will enable you to play your favourite game whenever you want and generate infinite resources that you can use for all the customizations and upgrades you always wanted. If all that is free, it would be borderline with stupid not to make use of it. That’s why we decided to share one of the CoC hacks available. We choose this one because it is the most popular one and everyone seems to use it.  It is also completely safe and undetectable, so you won’t be taking any risks with your account.

In order to use this tool, you must first access it through the button below. If units and gold are the only things you came for, then you should do it right now. Otherwise, it would be wise to read on in order to learn more about it and about the game.


How To Use The Marvel Contest of Champions Hack

The first thing you need to know is there is a lot of foul cheat tools out there that force you to download files that are nothing else but viruses and that want to harm your computer. That’s why the generator we shared here is online, so you won’t have to download anything. That makes these Marvel Contest of Champions cheats the safest solution. In addition to that, running them online is much faster and can be done from anywhere. All that you need is an internet connection and a device running Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android with a browser. Below you can see how a hacked Contest of Champions account looks like. In order for yours to look the same, all you have to do is to access the link shared here.

Unlimited Units

Once you head out to the website, you’ll start by entering some information. The most important thing is the username you use in the game (yes, it means that you can also send units and gold as gifts to your friends). Then you’ll have to select the OS of your device and a proxy server in order to secure the connection. The last step will be selecting the number of resources that you want to generate. The developers said there’s a limit per account, but it seems that so far no one has reached it. They also said they’ll be keeping this Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack updated.

Unlimited Gold Free

After completing all these steps, just click on the “Proceed” button and voila! In a matter of seconds, the resources you chose will be added to your account. Hacking Marvel Contest of Champions is as easy as that. There is no need for you to use any APK or do any modding.

A Year Full Of Fighting Games

These might be the golden years when it comes to playing the fighting genre on our mobile devices (and maybe even on PC). When it comes to the mobile market, NetherRealm Studios brought us Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat franchises. We also can’t forget about DC Legends, which is another big fighting game for mobile. Marvel couldn’t just sit and watch all that happening, which is why they made an agreement with Kabam to create Marvel Contest of Champions, a fighting game that presents the famous superheroes from this company’s comics. We tested the Android version, but you can also get it for iOS. Both editions are free to download and play, although there are in-game purchases available.

Simple, but Fun

It’s obvious that the game is a response to Injustice and the effort of the company to take a portion of the market. That is not necessarily a bad thing because I’m a fan of Marvel’s comics (especially Peter Parker) and I was looking forward to COC. When you compare the game to Injustice, there are some similarities. In short, you can describe the Contest of Champions as a simplified take on the fighting genre, which by no means makes it less fun. If nothing, it’s the other way around – the simplicity secured higher addictiveness rating for it.

Kabam, however, also did some things differently. For example, you do have control over moving your character in both directions. Aside from that, if you played Injustice, you will easily get the hang of controls. You can tap for basic attacks and swipe for more powerful ones. There is also a meter that fills up and allows you to perform special moves, although they seem to be less heavy than in Injustice.

The Importance of Offence

The game emphasizes the offensive part of the battle, and that might be its biggest feature. In other games (I mentioned them in this article), it all comes down to building up your super gauge by taking blows to your body and using special attacks to turn the tide of the battle. In COC, there are also super moves, but they are inflicting less damage. That secures the balance of the combat to be kept. You need to keep attacking your opponent if you want to win. That kind of gameplay mechanics is something I appreciate in the fighting games, and it adds to the excitement you feel during the battle.

Boss Fight

There is an enormous amount of characters available in COC, although it is a shame that their primary sets of moves are pretty much the same. The good thing is that with these Contest of Champions cheats you’ll be able to unlock them all. The graphics are vivid and detailed, while the battle animations are visually attractive. There are also some nifty details you will notice, such as billowing hair, and some cool lighting effects.

However, the sound is far from great. Let’s forget the background music (which is almost non-existing), but the sounds you hear during the battle come down to groans and screams. The developers should have done a much better job when it comes to voiceover as it is something that would add to the atmosphere of the world of superheroes.

The Quest Mode

Story Quests are the main part of the game. They are divided into various chapters, which are again divided into several stages. Each of them contains battles and some dialogue to keep the quest going. It might seem easy at the beginning, but later stages require you to have particular characters on your roster if you want to go down a certain route.

The trouble is that your characters aren’t healed automatically between fights (unless you use a booster), so you need to use the strength of your character carefully. The superheroes are broken into several categories, with each category having particular dominance over one of the other categories and weakness towards another. That adds the strategy element to the story because the way to success is to mix and match correctly and use the right character for every fight. But for that, you’ll need to own a lot of characters, which takes either time or money. Or just the proper Marvel Contest of Champions Hack.

The Random Factor

There are two main currencies – gold, and units. You collect experience points by yourself, and there is an energy bar which you use for playing battles. The latter means that, once you run out of energy, switching a fighter won’t help you to continue playing the game. Instead, you have to wait out for the energy bar to fill or purchase extra energy.

As for your character, you need to combine ISO-8 with them to upgrade their abilities. That makes the levelling system a bit confusing, not to mention that you need to spend more resources on in-game purchases, which was probably the goal that the developers had in mind.

The biggest disappointment was the way of buying new characters for your roster. You can’t just buy your favourite superhero.  CoC requires you to put the crystals in a lottery that will randomly select one of the new characters for you to unlock. But this is not an impediment for those who have the money or for those who know how to hack Marvel Contest of Champions.

The In-Game Limitations

If you want to finish the story quest successfully, you need to equip your roster with at least one fighter from each category. Although that sounds logical, the fact that you are randomly acquiring characters diminishes the strategy element of CoC. Also, Kabam and Marvel are pretty greedy when it comes to resources. They might let you think that the premium currency is being dealt quickly, but as soon as you progress deeper into the game, you realize that the resources are scarce and that it’s almost impossible to play without the in-game purchases (or using some of the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats).

Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack

Another area where the game fails to meet expectations is multiplayer. The reason is simple – it’s not an actual multiplayer mode, but merely fighting the CPU-controlled versions of other players’ characters. Even if that would be reasonable, considering that it’s not easy to make an online fighting game, there is no explanation to why it requires you to have a constant connection to the internet. That indeed limits you when it comes to where you can pick up the game and play it.

Other Marvel Contest Of Champions Cheats, Tips and Tricks

The only way to reach the top positions in the leaderboard requires either monetary investment or a working Marvel Contest of Champions Hack. So it is no wonder everyone that really enjoys the game starts looking for alternatives. But the thing is that you won’t find such things, there are no tips or guides that can get you to the top. The only thing you can do is to use the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats and take the lead by yourself. So stop wasting time looking for such things, as you’re better off playing some other game.

Marvel Contest Of Champions Cheats

Final Words

Marvel Contest of Champions is a highly addictive and easy to learn fighting mobile game with a couple of flaws. The combat is simple but addictive, and the roster is full of your favourite characters. The biggest issue is the fact that the game is not fair to the player and it’s hard to reach latter phases and climb the ranking without real money invested. Fortunately, if you overcome this issue (and you can with the hack tool we offer), you can play COC for days or even months. In the end, it all comes down if you like Marvel’s superheroes. If you do, you will love playing Contest of Champions, especially with the Marvel Contest of Champions Hack.

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