Lionheart: Dark Moon Quick Tips, Hacks, and Cheats 2017

Lionheart Dark Moon

A couple of years ago when Lionheart Tactics was released, the fans of the RPG genre were delighted to get an incredible game for their smartphones. Now it’s the right time for an even better sequel that comes from Emerald City Games. The studio is offering us Lionheart: Dark Moon, a traditional role-playing game where your goal is to collect creatures and take them into battles. Even though the game has it’s problems since it was just launched, the biggest one is how much advantage the players that put money into it have. So I’ll start the article by sharing the most popular Lionheart: Dark Moon cheats and hacks because that’s the easiest and fastest way to acquire crowns, the premium currency of the game.

Some of you might not be into this kind of things, and if you’re part of that category, then keep on reading to learn a few tips and tricks. These won’t give you the same advantage the people who spend money have, but they’ll help you enjoy the game more.

The Fastest Way Around the In-Game Purchases

Lionheart Dark Moon comes with an energy bar that gets empty quickly. In fact, you can’t play for more than half an hour before having to wait several hours for your energy to refill. Aside from that, the upgrading will eventually become impossible without grinding. Progress is also hindered by the lack of coins and crowns. And lastly, the arena is dominated by players who put money into the game. So the paywall can be really irritating, especially since this is a gorgeous game. That is why a lot of players decide to look for ways around this, and the fastest one is using either cheats that abuse the game system, or hacks that alter it.

The most popular hack tool is the online generator available on CyberDogsOnline. This is the fastest and most secure way to acquire unlimited gold and crowns. If you’re eager to try it out then you can use the following button to access it.


By using this Lionheart Dark Moon hack you’ll be able to unlock all your favorite heroes. You’ll also be able to actually progress and explore the vast world of Lionheart. Having unlimited resources means there are no restrictions, so you can do whatever you want. Although, abusing this tool may hurt your game experience because in most of the cases there’s no fun when you no longer have an adversary. So keep in mind that before you decide to use the generator. You can observe in the screenshot below what this hack tool can do.

Lionheart Dark Moon Crowns

Account with unlimited crowns and coins

Your account can look exactly the same, all it takes is a couple of clicks. The whole process is very simple and it doesn’t require any hacking or programming experience.

Lionheart: Dark Moon APK Hacks and Cheats

There are two other ways to get the unlimited resources and enjoy the game to the fullest. The first one is to find an APK installation file that has been modified. Once you download and install it on your phone, you will be able to start playing immediately. As soon as you begin, you will have unlimited coins and crowns at your disposal. Just remember that you need to erase all the previous versions of the LH before you install the Lionheart Dark Moon APK Hack and that you won’t be able to play online.

If you don’t want to download anything then the online generator we just talked about is the alternative you need. It will provide you with all you need if you follow the simple process on the website above. The first thing you need to do is to connect your account to the Lionheart hack by entering your username and selecting the platform you play on.

Lionheart Dark Moon Hack

Lionheart: Dark Moon hack interface

When you finish that, just enter the resources you want to be added to your account, and that would be it! The Dark Moon hack does its job in a matter of seconds. There might be a chance that you need to log out of the game before logging in again so that you can see the infinite crowns and coins generated. This works on both iOS and Android device an all it requires is a working browser. It is completely safe to use and it won’t get your account in any trouble. And the best news is that you can use this Lionheart: Dark Moon hack as many times as you want, which means that nothing stops you from ruling the in-game world!

Lionheart: Dark Moon Cheats

Generating Crowns

Lastly, there are various cheats for Lionheart: Dark Moon, most of them have been fixed as they make use of game bugs or vulnerabilities. But if you keep an eye out, and learn about them in time, it will pay off. These can provide you with various advantages over other players and are usually safe to use.

A Quick Review of the Game

The Vaultkeeper lost the fight to the Darkness and now Natalia and Timothy, his grandchildren, have the task to rescue the world. In their search to do that, they will have more than 100 allies in the shape of heroes that you can collect. That includes birds, bugs, Centaur warriors, human mages, and much more.

The first thing you notice is that each character was carefully designed and their 3D visual animations are a real treat for the eyes. Lionheart Dark Moon can compete with any other game in the genre when it comes to graphics. Everything looks excellent, and the level of details is impressive.

We Know Everything about the Fighting System

The combat in the Lionheart is exciting, but it fails to offer anything innovative. We saw all this in other games of the genre like Marvel Contest Of Champions. But the good news is that developer did an excellent job in providing gameplay mechanisms that work. Controls are responsive and easy to learn. You can do various things, including freezing your enemies or setting them on fire.

Boss Battle

Boss battle

The battle system is turn-based, and it might become annoying to more experienced players. However, if you still consider yourself a newbie in the RPG genre, this might be the ideal game to perfect your skills. Also, if you are looking for a title that you can just pick up and play (and it’s not a simple arcade release), you should also consider Lionheart.

Pets and Monsters in One

Each of the heroes has a unique elemental type which influences their skills. That means that you should take the abilities of your monsters into account when selecting the ones for the battle. A bit down the road, you will also collect pets that can be of enormous assistance on the battlefield. The downside of this is that you’ll need to have multiple heroes prepared for any fight. And in order to have that, you’ll have to either pay or hack Lionheart: Dark Moon.

The story is engaging and well-written, so it will keep you hooked to the game. There is a multiplayer aspect that gives you the chance to play against real opponents in the weekly tournaments and battles in the arena. You can also complete daily quests, which bring you prizes, just like competitions.

A Few Lionheart Dark Moon Tips

Let’s take a look at some quick tips you need to know if you are only starting with the game. They will help you maximize your progress and achieve higher levels in no time.

Make the Most Out of Quick Loot

LH Dark Moon has multiple chapters with missions. Once you complete all assignments, the Quick Loot option will show. You will get a new token each hour, but there is a limit to how many you can own. That is why you should make sure to use them so that you can generate new ones regularly. They bring some hefty rewards and can help you on your way up the ranks. Don’t think about diamond or even gold keys, the best you’ll get is silver ones. You also won’t’ be getting any legendary, epic or very rare heroes. To get all of those you’ll have to use the Lionheart: Dark Moon cheats.

Quick Looting

Quick looting

Friendships Are Important

There is a life lesson for you within the game. When your heroes fight side by side in a battle, they increase their friendship XP. The more it goes up, the better chances of them launching joint attacks on your opponents. That can be extremely helpful during a battle, so it’s worth your while to spend some time making your heroes friends.

Prepare Carefully for the Battle

There are more than 100 heroes available in LH, and they all have unique abilities. In the beginning, focus on evolving heroes and improving their stats (it is better if you have rare, epic or legendary characters available). Once you have an army big enough, consider which soldiers you send on the battlefield. Inspect your opponent and try not to pick more than one character that can’t defend against the elements your rival uses.

Here are a couple of other quick tips for you:

  • Make the most out of the multiplayer arena. You get rewards each week, and they get better as you progress!
  • Make sure always to have a healer character. It can provide the crucial difference during the battle if you keep him alive long enough (combine him with a pet that improves defensive skills)
  • Have a diverse team. Different opponents may require the change of tactics, so it’s always good to have various types of heroes at your disposal.

Last Words

With the Lionheart: Dark Moon hack and the other cheats and tips, you should now be more than ready to take on your enemies. These should drastically change your game experience as most of the features are only available for p2w users. The game is expected to grow bigger and better as it has a huge potential. Emerald City did a very good job with this one, I just hope they won’t abandon it as they did with Lionheart: Tactics.

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