Coin Master Hacks, Cheats and Tips Updated 2018

Just like other games, Coin Master has multiple hacks and cheats available that can get you unlimited resources so you can endlessly enjoy the game. Technically, you can generate up to 999,999,999 coins and 999 spins in one attempt, but you can use the Coin Master hack as many times as you want to, which means that infinite resources can be at your disposal in a matter of minutes. These Coin Maste...[Read More]

War Dragons Hacks, Cheats and Tips for Unlimited Rubies

If you ask people about their favorite fantastic beasts, I’m sure that many of them will answer that they fancy dragons. These majestic creatures that can be incredibly dangerous are often portrayed in games just like War Dragons. Pocket Gems designed a smartphone title that puts you in the role of a dragon lord. You can breed a dragon army on an island and take on other lords to dominate the worl...[Read More]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Hacks and Cheats for Leaf Tickets

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a hit family game in which you develop a Campsite that will attract animal campers to visit and stay in your location. While it’s fun to construct various amenities and improve them, it’s disappointing that it takes either a lot of time or money to speed things up in the game. But thanks to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hacks that have already been released you c...[Read More]

Top Shadow Fight 3 Cheats, Hacks and Tricks for Unlimited Gems

Nekki once again exceeded all expectations with Shadow Fight 3. The latest installment in the series is even better than the previous ones. Unfortunately, it also suffers from the same issues. We are talking about the pay to win concept that is more than obvious in this game. However, we found a couple of ways to deal with that problem, and we will share them in this article. We shall start with t...[Read More]

Infinity Blade 3 APK Download – Play the Game for Free on Android

If anyone asked us whether we would ever see the Unreal Engine on mobile phones, we would say “not in a million years.” However, the technology advancement is apparent, and it is what brings us the Infinity Blade 3, one of the most beautiful games ever released on smartphones. DOWNLOAD APK The Final Part of the Trilogy The third installment of the series takes a familiar formula and perfects it. T...[Read More]

Latest Bladebound Cheats, Hacks, Tips and Tricks Available in 2017

An excellent RPG title never goes out of style! Bladebound might be the first hack and slash role-playing game that Artifex Mundi created, but they did a fantastic job. It’s a shame that there are all those limitations, such as the energy bar restricting the length of your session or being forced to grind to take your character to the next level. Fortunately, there is a way to maximize your gaming...[Read More]

The Best South Park Phone Destroyer Cheats for Free Cash

There have been some lousy TV shows-themed games in the past, but South Park Phone Destroyer is an actual gem for the franchise fans. Although it doesn’t have a stamina bar and allows you to play as much as you want, that doesn’t mean that you don’t encounter a progression wall just like in other mobile releases. Fortunately, there is a lot to play until you reach that point, so you don’t ha...[Read More]

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Cheats, Hacks & Tricks 2017

We just can’t avoid criticizing the developers for making an evident pay to win release with this game. You start on a high note as you have a lot of buildings to construct and other things to do. However, as you progress through the levels, you find yourselves waiting for the timers to expire more and more. And even if you try to head for a multiplayer battle, you see that the players who investe...[Read More]

Best Fishing Clash Hacks, Cheats & Tips for Unlimited Pearls

Have you been bitten by the Fishing Clash bug? The incredibly addictive mobile fishing developed by Ten Square Games is the latest hit in the casual gaming world. It’s not late to hop on board and try becoming the world’s best fisher, at least when it comes to smartphones. But before you start, make sure to check out the tips and tricks we are offering, as well as ways to get unlimited resources a...[Read More]

Cat Quest APK Plus the Purr-Fect Unlimited Resources Mod

Have you already tried Cat Quest, the latest hit role-playing game for Android? If you haven’t, perhaps now it’s the right time, considering that you can download the modified APK installation file that will provide you unlimited resources for free! But, before we explain to you how to download the APK, let’s take a look at a couple of vital features of the game. Do You Want to Play the Game for F...[Read More]

Download Iron Marines APK and Play the Game for Free on iOS/Android

Although new developers can spring a surprise or two, we prefer our games coming from experienced teams. After having great success with Kingdom Rush games, Ironhide Studio published a new mobile release Iron Marines. The game is available on both Android and iOS for the price of $4.99, but by downloading the Iron Marines APK mod you can play it for free and with unlimited resources. The entire pr...[Read More]

Lionheart: Dark Moon Quick Tips, Hacks, and Cheats 2017

A couple of years ago when Lionheart Tactics was released, the fans of the RPG genre were delighted to get an incredible game for their smartphones. Now it’s the right time for an even better sequel that comes from Emerald City Games. The studio is offering us Lionheart: Dark Moon, a traditional role-playing game where your goal is to collect creatures and take them into battles. Even though the g...[Read More]

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