Brawl Stars Maps & Arenas And How To Make The Most Of Them

Brawl Stars

After releasing successful games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell decided to publish an entirely new mobile IP called Brawl Stars. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena shooter where you have to be both the quickest and the smartest one to come out as a winner. Aside from choosing the right brawler and mastering various game modes, you can also become an expert in one of currently 20 open arenas. To help you with that, we are providing Brawl Stars maps and arenas guide that will show you how to make the most of them. We’ve also made a comprehensive guide on all the available tips, tricks, and cheats for Brawl Stars that you can check out here.

Heist Maps

There are a total of three maps available for playing Heist in Brawl Stars. These are:

  • Bandit Stash – the characteristic of this map is that the gems in the middle are guarded by multiple walls. That is why the crucial thing is to choose a brawler that can break walls
  • Kaboom Canyon – similar to the previous one, you will need brawlers that can break walls in this map, too. There are two entrances on this rather small map, so be prepared for some exciting battles on it.
  • Safe Zone – the main trait of this map is that the area where crystals will spawn has only one entrance. However, if you use wall breakers, you can create additional entries.


Smash and Grab Maps

The Smash and Grab mode in Brawl Stars has double more maps than the Heist. That makes a total of six and here is what you should know about them:

  • Bone Box – the center of the map is surrounded by four walls located in the corner. There are also bushes on the map sides. All that enables brawlers who can make use of taking cover to have an advantage over others. Always think about how to hide behind the walls.
  • Temple Catacombs – you might think about bringing brawlers that know how to control portions of the map to the match. They will make the most out of this arena and give you a significant advantage over the opponent team.
  • Deep Hollows – unlike the previous maps, you won’t find a lot of obstacles or bushes here. That makes fewer options to take cover, which means that stronger brawlers might be a good choice to bring to the battle.

Smash And Grab

  • Hard Rock Mine – this one makes quite an interesting map, with a single bush and wall in the center area that can be used for covering. In the remaining parts of the arena, you can find a lot of bushes for cover. That means that you can make use of long-range brawlers to deal a lot of damage to the opponents.
  • Crystal Cavern – it reminds of your typical standardized maps used in this type of games. The middle area has a lot of bushes and walls, which give the advantage to characters that know how to take control of the map.
  • Mushroom Cave – just like the name suggests you won’t find only walls and bushes on this map, but also mushrooms. Controlling the map is the crucial part in this arena, which should be the focus of your strategy to win.

Bounty Maps

The third mode in Brawl Stars is called Bounty and only kills count in this mode. Some interesting maps are available for Bounty, including:

  • Terracotta Square – the center area is in the form of a square, with one entrance at each of the sides. Anyone who gets in the open area in the centre will be extremely vulnerable to open fire, so you should double think before entering it.
  • Outlaw Camp – this map is for all those people who love hiding and outsmarting their opponents. The middle area is filled with bushes, as well as walls protecting it from both sides. You can have a lot of fun in the Outlaw Camp, but try to stay true to characters that know how to take advantage of hiding.
  • Temple Ruins – there is a star in the middle of this map, which is completely open and has no bushes or walls protecting it. You can find some walls and bushes that add to the strategy. The crucial thing is to take control of the center, while the walls at the sides can be used to help you when you are on the defensive end.
  • Shooting Star – if you like action and the quickest pace possible, you have to try this map. Shooting Star doesn’t have a lot of places where you can hide, which means all the players are vulnerable. When picking the brawlers, think about selecting endurable ones to survive longer on this map.

Bounty Maps

  • Snake Prairie – an enjoyable arena where you can find cover all over the map except in the middle. Conveniently, that’s where the bounty star is located. The key to winning in this arena is to know how to take advantage of taking cover.
  • Star Gulch – another map with an open area in the middle where everyone is vulnerable. However, there are conveniently located bushes on all sides that contribute to the strategy element in this Bounty arena.
  • Cabbage Patch – the final map in the Bounty mode of Brawl Stars we present today has an unusual name and far more exciting action. Open fire is crucial in this course as you don’t have a lot of places that offer cover.

Showdown Maps

Showdown is the only mode in Brawl Stars that offers individual battles, and it comes with a total of four arenas:

  • Feast or Famine – this map is smaller when you compare it to the other maps, which means all the players are concentrated in a narrower area. That makes the arena incredibly enjoyable as the action is incredibly high-paced. While the outskirts of the map offer at least some cover, you will be most vulnerable in the middle so think twice before entering that part of the arena.
  • Skull Creek – the truth is that you will need a bit of luck in this map. It’s not evened out substantially, which is why spawning in a particular place can generate you a massive Regardless, you will also need a lot of skill to come out as a winner.
  • Stormy Plains – on the offensive end, you should be aware that the high amount of bushes and walls on this map limits the options of pursuing the enemies. They can easily hide in the bushes or take cover behind the walls. That being said, this course is ideal for those who like a healthy amount of tactics and strategy.
  • Death Valley – probably the largest map in the Showdown mode (and perhaps in Brawl Stars overall). There are a lot of power-ups around, which makes the action exciting, but also means that you will need a little bit of luck to be close to where the upgrades appear.


Brawl Stars Is Going To Be Big

Four modes and a total of 20 maps are currently available in the game. They should be enough to give you a lot of fun until the game is fully released on both Android and iOS. We are sure that the developers will continue creating maps as the time goes. For now, you have a bunch of them to choose from and become an expert in playing them. As you can see, certain brawlers can give you an advantage on the particular map. With that in mind, sometimes you should be ready to give up your favorite character and take control of another one that can bring you the victory in the upcoming battle. Lastly, if you want to get in touch with other players, then the Brawl Stars Reddit is a good place to start.

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