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After being a gamer for over an eternity, Kyle now shares his thoughts on the gaming industry with everyone on CharlieOscarDelta. Besides gaming, he’s also passionate about tech, movies, and awesome beards, just like the one he owns.

Cheats for Royal Revolt 2 – Obtain Gems and Pearls by Hacking

Mobile games are there to place us in roles that we possibly couldn’t achieve in real lives. We can be astronauts, superheroes, tycoons, but it seems that a kingdom is what most of us want. At least that’s what you would say if you would judge by the number of games like this on the market. Royal Revolt 2 continues that tradition and puts you in the role of the king. Being a player from the royal ...[Read More]

Build With Ease – Design Home Hack & Cheats for Diamonds

Some games tend to hit the overall market, and there are the ones that focus on a particular group of players. That is precisely the case with Design Home, the new simulation game coming to us from Crowdstar. If you find yourself constantly thinking about how you can redesign your living room or office, it is the perfect release for you. However, if you don’t consider yourself a fan of interior dé...[Read More]

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Hack | Cheats | Generate Gold and Credits

Before diving on the review of part of this article, we would like to recommend an extremely helpful trick to everyone. This method involves getting gold and credits with ease. Every player knows how frustrating is to want something and be unable to achieve it. The way to pass these problems is to use a Mutants Genetic Gladiators hack which takes a little bit of action from you (meaning that you w...[Read More]

Castle Clash Hack – Reach the Top By Generating Gems With Cheats

One needs to be very careful when talking about Castle Clash, a base-building strategy coming to us from It’s wildly popular in both Google Play and Apple Stores, and it has over 100,000,000 downloads during about its four years of existence. The developers are trying to update the game and offer new content regularly. With all that said, I failed to notice that it is in any way an ...[Read More]

Summoners War Hack – Use Cheats to Generate Free Crystals

Pokemon seems to have made a true revolution when it comes to collection games. Ever since then, we have seen hundreds of them, and the latest one is Summoners War, developed by Com2uS.  Despite the high number releases, only a portion of games deserves our attention. That is precisely why I am glad to share that Summoners War raises the expectations and delivers a quality product. To avoid the fr...[Read More]

Lords Mobile Hack – New Cheats To Gain Gold & Gems

Strategy games are flooding the mobile market in the last couple of years. To be honest, it’s not the easiest thing to be a reviewer when you have to try a bunch of games that are just not worth your while. Just a small portion of them turns out to be interesting. Fortunately, Lords Mobile is one of them. It’s the latest release from IGG (I Got Games), who also developed Castle Clash. Their latest...[Read More]

Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack And Cheats Out For Everyone

It Takes Some Effort To Become The Best I’m sure that you have always wondered how the best players rise on the leaderboard so quickly. No, it’s not that they have better skills than you; it is just that they haven’t been playing fair. While you spent your time and effort on the battlefield, they were either buying all the resources they need or using the Marvel Contest of Champions Hack to genera...[Read More]

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 Hack – Get GP & Coins on iOS/Android

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 is a recommended mobile game for the true soccer lovers. With this particular mobile game, you are allowed to take complete charge on the field and create an unbeatable franchise. There are many unique features associated with the game like actual player movements; accurate passing and real tactics that will make you feel like playing a real soccer game. The game is...[Read More]

War Wings Hack & Cheats: Unlimited Gold And RP Generator

You know those games that you curse each couple of minutes, but you can never get enough of them? War Wings belongs to that category for a good reason. You might think that the premise of the game is a bit distant from what you like, but the fast paced action it offers is why you should give it a try. Another thing we advise you to give a try is the War Wings Hack & Cheats tool which will bene...[Read More]

Mobile Strike Hacks And Cheats Provide Free Gold And VIP Level Points

Hacking The Game For Gold A lot of patience is needed to advance in Mobile Strike at a reasonable pace because there are five different resources and at least one of them will be scarce at any given moment. Machine Zone is not very subtle when it comes to suggesting that the quick way forward is buying gold. Furthermore, the game uses every opportunity to let you know that it’s the right time to i...[Read More]

Clash Royale Hack and Cheats for Free Gems on Android & iOS

It is no secret that the only way to reach the top in CR is by using your wallet. Facing against players with maxed out cards is a pain because they have a great advantage. And if you haven’t been playing since the beginning, it is even harder for you. That’s why we decided to share today this new Clash Royale Hack that’s able to generate as many in an instant. The tool has been ...[Read More]

Titanfall: Assault Hack And Cheats That Get You Tokens & Credits

Cheating Gets You To The Top If you are looking for an easy way up the rankings and something that will help you dominate your opponents. This new Titanfall: Assault Hack Tool will generate tokens and credit for you in a matter of minutes. We decided to share it here because this game has become very popular and everyone is looking to be the best. The generator is easy to use, the first step is to...[Read More]