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Call of Duty WW2 Review

When it first showed up, the Call of Duty franchise had phenomenal success. It was because it offered realistic and fun war combat. In the later installments, optional equipment like jetpacks became a norm, and that ruined the experience. That is why Activision decided to try rebooting the franchise and put the destiny of the series in the hands of Sledgehammer Games. As a result, we now have a ne...[Read More]

You Can Get The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for Free at Humble Bundle

Have you heard of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified? Even if you didn’t, you are probably familiar with the X-COM series. The Bureau is one of the games in that franchise, and you can get it for free at Humble Bundle for a limited time. There are no other conditions to fulfill except to be registered on their website. If you are familiar with the HB concept, you know that they occasionally offer games...[Read More]



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Call of Duty WW2

Going back to origins

Call of Duty WWII is the latest sequel to the franchise designed by Sledgehammer Games. The release brings the series back to its roots and offers the opportunity to participate in exciting World War II ground battles. The solo mode starts from Normandy and takes you to The Rhine, giving you the chance to enjoy the stunning visual presentation. The single-player campaign is somewhat linear and ser...[Read More]

Darksiders II Leads the Lineup of Free PlayStation Plus Games for December

December is just around the corner, which means that it’s the right time for Sony to surprise its users with the new lineup of free games that will be available to all PlayStation Plus members. There will be a total of eight games across three platforms, but the highlight is definitely the Deathinitive Edition of Darksiders II that will be available for PS 4 subscribers throughout the entire month...[Read More]

Back to the Future and other Free Games for Xbox Live Gold in December

The holiday season is upon us, and it might be a good time to spend your extra time with your favorite Xbox console. If you have a Live Gold subscription, you will even have the opportunity to play four games for free during December. Microsoft decided to include a standard lineup of two releases for Xbox One and a couple more for Xbox 360. As for the former, gamers will be able to enjoy Warhammer...[Read More]

Three Hearthstone Expansions Set to Come in 2018

Ben Thompson, Hearthstone’s lead artist, discovered some intriguing things about the future of the game in his interview with Metabomb. Among other things, we got the confirmations that Blizzard is planning to release at least three new sets of cards during 2018. However, Thompson refused to go into details because he didn’t know them. “The 3×135 rhythm is not something that we are strictly f...[Read More]

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition Features Challenging Combat

Are you getting bored of The Witcher 3? Even if that might not be the case, perhaps you have an issue with the combat system that focuses on action rather than presenting a challenge to players. That is what the modders at Nexusmods tried (and succeeded) to improve in The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition. Before we dig into the features, let’s mention that this is not an official mod, but one that was m...[Read More]

PUBG Mobile Set to Release Soon…in China

We recently discussed that Bluehole agreed with Tencent to release a modified version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the Chinese market. That agreement came after the government of that country criticized the violence in PUBG and expressed their concerns whether the game is in line with “core social values of China.” Just a couple of days, Tencent also released that it is working on an adapt...[Read More]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review – A Charming and Relaxing Game

Nintendo fans might be familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise, which has been around for almost two decades. It debuted in 2001 on Nintendo 64, and sixteen years later we get the opportunity to play its mobile release. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free to play version for Android and iOS that has soft launched in some countries. We tested the game, and our first impression is more than a...[Read More]

PUBG 1.0 Will Feature New Weapons and Modified Desert Map

Long live data miners! I am sure that is what an average PUBG fan (hint: me) thinks whenever we get new information about the 1.0 edition of the game, which was tested during the last couple of days. New reports reveal information about three new weapons (or four, depending what you believe is worthy to be named a gun), as well as some changes made to the desert map. Let’s discuss arms first as th...[Read More]

The Free Open Week for Total War: Arena Has Just Started

The Total War franchise has been around for over a decade, and it might be hard to keep track of all the installments in the series. However, there was one edition that attracted our attention when it was announced. Everything sounded great – it was the first free-to-play TW title that should focus entirely on multiplayer. It turns out the announcement occurred over four years ago, and the news ab...[Read More]

PUBG Coming to China with “Appropriate Changes”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is undoubtedly one of the favorite games worldwide at the moment. However, the government of China seems to be among those few that aren’t exactly the biggest fans of the Battle Royale shooter. In fact, they believe that the game doesn’t line up with the social values of their country, which is why they even announced the possibility of banning it. That forced Bluehol...[Read More]